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BitDefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2 achieves Virus Bulletin Gold Award

September 2009 IT in Manufacturing

Linux product provides low false positives, high spam catch rate.

BitDefender has announced that BitDefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2 achieved a Gold Award in the latest Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Comparative Review. Designed for Linux servers, Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2 achieved Gold for its low false positive rate coupled with its high spam catch rate.

Linux products were tested on a SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for a period of 20 days. The e-mail corpus consisted of all e-mails sent to several Virus Bulletin e-mail addresses, mixed with a spam stream provided by Project Honey Pot. E-mails from both sources were sent through the products in realtime. Additionally, the test messages were in multiple language and character sets, including English, French, Asian languages, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian and others.

BitDefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2 caught 98,74% of the spam messages in the test, with a false positive rate of only 0,8%. For a full recap of the test, with BitDefender’s results, please visit:

In this latest test, BitDefender added a new layer of protection to BitDefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2 antispam and antiphishing technologies called LiveQuery. This new technology provides an immediate response time and protection to users all over the world, regardless of language or what type of spam they receive. With LiveQuery, when a new e-mail arrives, it is first scanned locally with proprietary, proactive antispam solutions. If it passes the initial filtering sequence and still cannot be categorised as spam or legit, a proprietary algorithm extracts key elements from the analysed mail and creates something similar to a unique encrypted fingerprint of that message. If the BitDefender network of servers finds a match in its databases of known spam fingerprints, it issues a block command to the client application.

“BitDefender products are proven to have some of the highest detection rates in the industry,” said Catalin Cosoi, senior antispam and antiphishing researcher for BitDefender. “We are thrilled to receive a Gold Award from Virus Bulletin for BitDefender Security for Mail Servers 3.0.2, proving yet again that BitDefender provides proactive detection that goes well beyond the capabilities of current-day heuristics, providing the ability to protect users from known and unknown threats.”

For more information regarding BitDefender products, please visit

For more information contact Alina Anton, senior PR and marketing coordinator, Bitdefender, +40 212 063 470,,

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