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Powerful and intuitive Ethernet diagnostics

September 2009 Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

intraVUE 2 is the next generation of software aimed specifically at the issues facing Ethernet deployment in process or manufacturing applications. Developed to assist individuals who are not network experts but do require a method to quickly identify the typical problems that can create loss of production data or even a process shutdown

Now fully web-based, intraUVE can be installed in the process or manufacturing network to be viewed as well as managed remotely. From simple LANs to complex multiVLAN Cisco installation, intraVUE now provides automatic and accurate realtime viewing which will highlight the major sources of plant floor disruptions. intraVUE2 is the result of over four years of practical experience gained from the initial intraVUE product released in 2003. With over 400 installations worldwide, experience and customer input has allowed optimised methods to be developed that assist individuals who may have little network experience. intraVUE will not only highlight but generate alarms for the most common plant floor problems.

Easily identifying typical plant floor problems

* Duplicate addressing IP&MAC.

* Cabling problems (connector or grounding).

* Broadcast Storms or excessive bandwidth.

* Intermittent device problems.

* Device lock-ups.

* Overloaded devices.

* Foreign laptops connecting.

* Devices or connections moved.

Automatic discovery, mapping, and updating

The ability of intraVUE to automatically discover all of the devices on the network and then automatically map their connections is unique. intraVUE provides colour coded, realtime view of devices and connections. While highlighting problem areas makes this software ideal for Industrial Ethernet applications.

intraVUE is engineered to run well on low performance windows based platforms. It is compatible with many browser applications and typically displays 500 devices in 5 seconds or less.

For more information contact Grant Joyce, Lapp Cable, +27 (0)11 201 3213,, <a href="http"//" target="_blank"></a>


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