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September 2009 Level Measurement & Control

Company losing big slices of its profit?

In the oil industry everyone from executives, refinery operators and the owners of independent storage tank farms knows that the exact quantity of bulk liquids in storage is of great importance. Inventory value, loss control, storage capacity utilisation, leak detection and overfill protection are just some of the important issues that need to be dealt with – and they all depend on the quality and performance of tank gauging systems.

Naturally, constant access to reliable and precise tank content information in realtime leads to better and more informed decisions. At the end of the day, this means better productivity, increased safety and higher profitability. In short, tank intelligence is the sum of all the functions, benefits, and added value delivered by a Rosemount Tank Gauging system. All with the same purpose – to improve the company’s bottom line.

The benefits offered by the system include:

Automatic transfer verification

Product transfers have considerable economic implications. Precise, automatic tank gauging can be used to directly measure custody transfer or for checking hand dips or meters. This means faster and more accurate billing.

Improved inventory management

Inventory data is used for accounting/tax purposes and as an input for loss control calculations. The trend is towards more accurate inventory checks in order to better utilise corporate assets and due to more stringent requirements from fiscal authorities. Replacing inaccurate tank gauges with high-accuracy Rosemount Tank Radar gauges can decrease inventory uncertainty corresponding to net volumes worth hundreds of thousands of rand every year.

Minimised hydrocarbon losses

Loss control management focuses on minimising hydrocarbon losses to reduce environmental impact, while maximising the amount of refined product obtained from the crude oil that was purchased. Precise tank gauging makes it easier to identify loss sources and quantify them, allowing priorities to be re-evaluated to boost savings and profitability.

Reduced OPEX and improved plant efficiency

The highly reliable Rosemount Tank Radar gauges are virtually maintenance free, since they do not have any moving parts. The switch to a Rosemount Tank Gauging system pays for itself through reduced maintenance and operation costs. Furthermore, it offers new possibilities to increase revenue through improved plant efficiency.

Maximum safety and environmental protection

To protect staff, the public and the environment from damage caused by overfilled or leaking storage tanks, the automatic tank gauging system provides reliable alarm functions. Rosemount Tank Radar Rex and Pro gauges are amongst the safest overfill alarm sensors currently available. Both are TÜV-tested and approved for overfill protection according to the German WHG regulations. Moreover, TankRadar Rex is suitable for SIL 2 applications in accordance with IEC 61508/61511.

Bulk liquid storage – just a click away

Major oil companies around the world use Rosemount Tank Gauging systems from Emerson to improve the efficiency, safety, and profitability of refineries, tank farms and terminals. The main benefits include proven reliability, multicertified accuracy and minimum maintenance. Also, the Rosemount Tank Gauging system is in full compliance with all existing oil industry standards. The system includes both the custody transfer class TankRadar Rex gauges and the multipurpose TankRadar Pro gauges. Depending on setup, users may benefit most from a single standalone radar gauge with a local read-out or from a complete system solution that is able to handle hundreds of tanks and distribute data globally via the Internet.

Every drop counts – precise tank gauging pays.

For more information contact Luculle Stols, Alpret Control Specialists, +27 (0)11 249 6700, luculles@alpret.co.za, www.alpret.co.za


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