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Comprehensive IT security from Rittal

August 2009 IT in Manufacturing

When IT security is considered holistically, it becomes obvious that it extends far beyond logical, technical and organisational security.

Apart from the common firewalls, virus scanners and storage concepts, effective protection of IT structures against physical risks is immensely important. Irrespective of the required protection class – from basic protection to high-availability with minimised failure tolerances – IT security based on individual requirements is necessary. This requires adaptable, individual and scalable solutions which respond to the corporate structures and not vice versa.

Economic IT security solutions are therefore always modular, so that they can be flexible and adaptable to the local and spatial circumstances. They are scalable so that they can grow with the business, and above all, they are comprehensive so that precisely the right protection is available if a relevant risk should occur. Thus it is important to be aware of the diverse risks in advance as this is the only way for a customised security solution to be planned and implemented to match demand.

IT needs new approaches

Modern IT safes are used to accommodate the security requirements for decentralised or functionally separated IT systems and data. This new class of security system is capable of encasing a 19 inch rack (or even several) so that a secure mini data centre is formed. The advantages are obvious: The IT safe provides the same protection classes as a data centre, but because of its smaller size and modularity it is quick and cost effective to install and maintain. A new location can be selected just as easily – dismantling and re-installation is a matter of only a few hours. Energy efficient infrastructures are deployed in such an IT safe.

Example: Airconditioning

Cooling systems can be built smaller, lighter and therefore less expensively for a cabinet than a room. In addition, the air ducting in an IT safe can be solved more elegantly as an air volume of only 2,5 cubic metres has to be supplied. Therefore, hot spots in the racks or pressure losses like those experienced in the raised airconditioning flooring of a data centre cannot arise. The energy hungry systems for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can also be optimally dimensioned and therefore cost effectively designed because the power consumption of the IT safe is clearly defined. Thus there are no oversized or undersized UPS systems which can cause a real headache for data centre planners in other areas. In addition, the resulting smaller UPS units can be replaced or increased at a lower cost.

Most important of all is the security gained for the company. The server racks are no longer located in the cloakroom or in the corridor, accessible to all, but in an all-round secure housing with the relevant protection classes against fire, water, smoke, gas, dust, unauthorised access or vandalism.

The modular IT centre

The Rittal Modular Safe LMS 9.3 provides users with a modular, extendable, mini-IT centre which combines an optimum reduction of exposure to physical and intrusion hazards.

The system provides comprehensive protection for computer and telecommunication systems, and therefore ‘multifunctional security’. The design facilitates transportation of extensive systems into cellars or upper storeys of buildings, and installation whilst IT systems are in operation.

The modular, extendable Rittal safe offers an appropriate level of protection for IT and communications systems at decentralised sites. In addition to the core fireproofing function, the safety cell of the Modular Safe offers genuine added value in a range of other risk areas.


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