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Calibration application training could become annual event

April 2001 Training & Education

A leading supplier of test and measurement equipment to the local market, Spescom MeasureGraph, places great emphasis on not only providing customers with the latest high-tech products available internationally, but also offering training on the products. Spescom's Product Specialist Morné Maree says Spescom is dedicated to supplying support and after sales service to customers. "Last year after discussions with various customers it became clear that there was a need for professional training on Fluke's MetCal software program. We requested Fluke to schedule a visit to us and product specialist calibration Wim Sibon from the Netherlands held a five day training course at our premises in Midrand."

Both SMG and Fluke are satisfied with the attendance. "Although many technicians wanted to attend the training course we limited the number to eight. That enabled Sibon to spend a lot of time with each individual. He effectively conveyed to the various industries what may be achieved with the MetCal calibration software program when properly implemented," says Maree, who also attended the course.

Sibon agrees: "I normally do the training course over 15 days but because of a tight schedule and a small group of trainees it was done within five days. The technicians were very eager students and that made the training so much easier. Furthermore, it is to the advantage of Spescom's customers that Maree has attended the course. In future he will be able to assist customers to a certain level." Sibon is delighted with Spescom's commitment to its customers and its principals. "Spescom is our biggest agent in Africa and definitely one of our best worldwide. Very few distributors have as many product specialists as Spescom and that must result in a better service to customers." Both Maree and Sibon hope that the MetCal training course will become an annual event.

Met/Cal Calibration Software is a calibration management package that allows users to create, edit and manage calibration procedures and execute those procedures using a wide array of calibration standards from several manufacturers. It has a more flexible configuration and the added ability to control the new Fluke 5520A and 5800A calibrators.

Spescom MeasureGraph

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