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Asset health monitoring

May 2009 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Online monitoring of pumps improves performance and provides optimal maintenance intervals.

Realtime monitoring, identification and diagnoses of operational issues on industrial pumps provides early warning to operators and allows preventive actions to be taken on issues that could lead to equipment failure.

Matrikon-Moore’s Asset Health Monitoring Solution collects data from industrial machines and provides realtime condition monitoring of pumps. The information that is collected can be used to predict when a failure is likely to occur based on the amount of degradation shown in the data. This information can also be used to improve the performance of the pump and to better schedule maintenance on the asset to be carried out at optimal intervals. The system provides an at-a-glance view of all assets in the plant and can at any time show an operator which assets are underperforming or are experiencing problems.

Expected results

* Realtime condition monitoring that provides information to the operator that assists in fast and effective decision making.

* Improved service life of pumps and assisting in scheduling maintenance intervals only when it is really required.

* Optimisation of overall pump performance and pinpointing of reasons for pump degradation.

Pumps are utilised in almost every industry today. Applications are varied and numerous with pumps often being subjected to harsh environments or substances that affect their integrity. When this starts to occur the pump requires attention as some of the parts are beginning to degrade which could lead to catastrophic failure requiring full replacement. If a company had the means to monitor its pumps in realtime it would be able to detect when any of the following started to occur:

* Impeller wear.

* Leaking glands.

* Bearing problems.

* Impeller scaling.

* Vibration problems.

* Pump motor problems.

* Deviation from optimal operating point.

Realtime condition monitoring

The Asset Health Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive answer to pump failures that occur in an industrial environment. It combines both realtime and historical data on a pump into asset health information and continually keeps the operator informed of a pump’s current running condition. Deviations from normal are detected in realtime, prioritised and displayed in Matrikon’s Tree Mapping interface technology, which makes it possible to view operational health conditions of all assets across the entire plant.

Historical data analysis

As data is captured over time, relationships are created between various tags which provide the system with relational signatures that can be recognised and interpreted. This allows the solution to pinpoint a problem that is detected quickly and indicate to the operator the exact cause of a problem that is being experienced, long before the pump is adversely affected by it. Once a problem is detected the solution also provides an indication of the severity and sends out alerts to responsible persons.

Root cause analysis

Once a problem has been identified on the Tree Map the Asset Health Monitoring Solution will also pinpoint the cause of the problem. The operator will then be provided with a clear indication as to which tag was the cause of a problem and can then take the necessary steps to remedy the situation, well in advance of the pump being damaged as a result. Once a failure signature has been captured, the system can be trained to respond correctly to these in the future making it even more trivial for an operator to identify the problem and react to it.

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