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February 2001 Training & Education

As a largely untapped resource, fundamental control technology has considerable scope for growth in many areas of manufacturing industry and in operations of all sizes. The successful implementation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, for example, points to greater production volumes and increased safety - revealing on the whole a potential industry boost that could be especially beneficial in developing countries.

Candidates at a Festo Didactic training course practise control technology skills using working, fully functional industrial training equipment
Candidates at a Festo Didactic training course practise control technology skills using working, fully functional industrial training equipment

In South Africa, a shortage of expertise is one major factor currently hindering progress of this kind, such that certain industry specialists are taking it upon themselves to equip the workforce with adequate skills.

A notable example of this is Festo Didactic, established by mechatronic giant Festo in 1973 as a largely independent training organisation worldwide. Festo Didactic provides 50% hands-on and 50% theory instruction in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, associated electrics/electronics and programmable logic controllers. The company has already trained over 20 000 participants throughout South Africa, with over R1,5m invested in live industrial training equipment designed specifically for highly effective hands-on use by trainees.

The various courses cater for all levels, from newcomers to advanced practitioners, and cover the fundamentals of control technology, circuit design, reading and construction, as well as maintenance, fault-finding and repair of machinery. Subject matter is generic and not product-specific, enabling artisans, learner artisans, machine operators, foremen, technicians, engineers and draughtsmen to gain significant skills in order to understand these control technologies both in theory and in practice.

Courses with current MERSETA accreditation in accordance with the Skills Development Act are held at Festo Didactic's specifically equipped industrial training centres in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and East London. The course schedule for February, March and April this year is as follows:

The four-day courses take place at Festo Didactic's own fully equipped, modern lecture rooms, starting at 08h00 and finishing at 16h00. The total cost of all courses includes all lunches, teas and training materials. Contact Festo Didactic for any further information.

Festo Didactic

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