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Level measurement in breweries

February 2004 Level Measurement & Control

Fresh barley, which creates a dusty, humid atmosphere, is held in grain storage tanks of up to 20 metres in the malting plant. Vega's guided microwave sensor, the Vegaflex 62, is suitable for this application as it is unaffected by humidity, dust or the shape of the material surface. A discharge power of up to 3 tons on the cable causes no problems and even product adhesion does not affect the measuring accuracy.

Alongside continuous level measurement in grain silos, blockage and low-level alarms are common. Using a tuning fork sensor poses the risk of grain adhesion between the tines, which may cause unreliable switching. Vega's Vegavib 61 is a sensible solution to detect the maximum and minimum volume in the silo. It is designed with the single rod switch principle, providing high reliability as no product can get stuck between the forks.

During the brewing process there is usually a foam layer in the silo. The use of two pressure transmitters is recommended, one for the superimposed pressure and the other for the total pressure on the bottom of the silo. The level is then precisely determined from the difference between the two pressures. Hygienic fittings are mandatory for the sensors and this is where the Vegabar 64 is particularly suited for application in a brewery. The sensor is temperature resistant, CIP capable, linear and overload resistant and hysteresis-free. (The picture shows the Vegabar 64 pressure transmitter with flush Certec measuring cell.)

For more information contact Alan Wynn, Vega Instruments SA, 011 958 1901, alan.wynn@za.vega.com, www.vega.com


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