Scada's Version 5.5 has significant enhancements

February 2004 SCADA/HMI CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring Integrated Solutions

Citect V5.5 has new features that make it more intuitive and easier for operators to use. This latest version has also been made faster and simpler to install and configure, reducing integration and maintenance costs.

"Delivering customer value through innovative, quality software remains a key focus for Citect," said Wayne Morris, CEO and MD, Citect. "With V5.5, we have developed a user-friendly and feature-rich product that will help improve automation effectiveness across multiple industries world-wide."

The new features in Citectscada V5.5 are designed to minimise the operator's learning curve and maximise ease of use. MS Windows XP-style displays provide familiar graphics templates, improved navigation, and trend and alarm groups, whilst built-in support for multimonitors means multiple areas of the plant can be monitored and controlled simultaneously.

Included in V5.5 is CI Recipe, an ActiveX control that breaks down complex operations and increases efficiency by making it easier to maintain and download recipes to the controllers. The OPC driver has been greatly enhanced to include many user-requested features, such as an OPC Tag import that allows users to seamlessly access Tags from any OPC server.

Also being launched with Citectscada V5.5 are two new options: Citectscada Batch - a fully redundant batch management solution which facilitates users' compliance with FDA regulations, and Citectscada Pocket - a powerful Pocket-PC based operator interface for remote monitoring and control.

For more information contact Wilhelm Swart, Regional Manager, Citect South Africa, 011 699 6600,,

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