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Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

April 2003 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Yokogawa Europe is now offering the next generation of Fourier Transform FT-NIR Spectrometer for use in the oil and gas, food and pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

The company has designed an improved infrared spectrometer called the NR800, which is designed for meeting the needs of measurement for many more applications than its predecessor the NR500. The analyser has no frictional wearing parts. A stable actuator and quartz half mirrors, combined with vibration-resistant design give very high signal to noise and stability. Calibration models can therefore be built with con-fidence and are easily transferable between lab and process versions of the analysers.

Features and benefits include:

* Laser controller interferometer - highly stable and linear spectral measurement, fully transferable.

* Standalone process operation - in-built stable computer for true process on-line operation.

* Four true simultaneous channels implemented with multidetectors and beam splitting. (No multipexer is used.)

* Choice of double or single beam optical paths. True process double beam fibres eliminate temperature variations.

* Suitable for Zone 1 hazardous installations, allowing flexibility of installation.

Yokogawa's support facilities in Japan, Singapore, US and Europe, plus partnerships with small niche application development companies enables the company to grow and extend its universal support for a very wide range of applications.

About Yokogawa South Africa

Yokogawa South Africa was originally founded in 1978 as Delta Controls, the exclusive distributor of Yokogawa Process Control and Instrumentation (PCI) products in South Africa. In 1997 Delta Controls became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Europe B.V.

Via its head office in Johannesburg and branches in Vanderbijlpark, Durban and Cape Town, Yokogawa South Africa is well set up to sell and provide engineering and supporting functions for the full range of Yokogawa PCI products. The main Yokogawa product groupings are: recorders, controllers, transmitters, flowmeters, analytical (liquid and gas) as well as distributed control systems. It is also the exclusive distributor for American meter and Dresser gas equipment, Barksdale pressure and level devices and Kinetrol actuators.

For more information contact Brian Allingham, Yokogawa South Africa, 011 681 2500,,


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