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Accurate object detection regardless of colour or background

April 2003 Sensors & Transducers

Banner Engineering is offering its World-Beam QS30AF high-accuracy adjustable-field sensors. Designed to sense objects in challenging applications where the target and its background have similar colour or reflective qualities, the powerful visible red sensing beam and precision background suppression circuitry allow the sensor to detect only objects within the defined sensing field while ignoring objects beyond a cutoff point of up to 300 mm.

"This is an easy-to-use triangulation sensor with an advanced microprocessor and position sensitive device (PSD) receiver element, it offers accurate detection of a very precise target location - and is a cost-effective solution", said Joe Dolinsky, technical manager for Banner's photoelectric products. "The QS30AF is ideal for error proofing, feature detection, edge detection, material runout, proper fill level or presence and absence detection for applications in packaging, material handling, printing, automotive and the feederbowl industry."

The QS30AF's advanced microprocessor simplifies setup and the dynamic feedback of its 8-segment LED bargraph display adds additional flexibility, clearly showing unit status as it is constantly updating. With simple, pushbutton-SET programming, the user merely needs to establish a background point to be ignored or the object to be sensed. In Dynamic SET, which is used to program the sensor 'on-the-fly' during actual machine-run conditions, the sensor takes multiple samples of the reflective conditions and automatically sets the cutoff point halfway between the target and background. Dynamic SET is programmed through a remote wire, which can also be used to disable the pushbuttons to prevent undesired tempering at the sensor.

"An addition to Banner's World-Beam family of sensors, the QS30AF features the universally accepted 30 mm threaded housing and a broad assortment of mounting brackets. This complements our background suppression product nicely and really offers Banner customers a choice of sensors for every application," said Dolinsky.

The 10-30 V d.c. QS30AF background suppression sensor has a maximum output rating of 150 mA for each of its outputs. It can be set for light operate (NO) or dark operate (NC), and features a bipolar configuration with one NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing) outputs. The sensors tolerate vibration, mechanical shock and washdown. Internal circuitry guards against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload and short circuit of outputs.

The QS30Af's tough ABS/polycarbonate blend housing meets IEC IP67 standards and operates in temperatures of -10°C to +55°C. The sensors are available with a 2 m PVC cable, 9 m PVC cable or 5-pin integral Euro-style quick-disconnect cable.


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