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CANopen multiturn encoder

April 2003 Motion Control & Drives

Kübler is offering its CANopen multiturn encoders, which may be flange-mounted on shafts with diameters from 10-28 mm.

The encoders are equipped with a standard or hollow shaft and the resolution of maximum 25 bits is freely programmable and may be directed to the single or multiturn unit. All other characteristics of the CANopen encoders are also programmable according to device profile DS 406. This guarantees an exact adaptation to different applications. Thanks to the use of the patented Kübler integrative technology and to an electronic multiturn module (rotation counter) the required installation depth is only 60 mm. This is a reduction of 20-40 mm from the depth required compared with other models on the market. The electronic rotation counter handles fast acceleration or reduction of speed that mechanical gears cannot.

A special programmable connection eliminates the need for a T-coupler and increases EMC shielding.

Kübler's new shaft diameters (up to 28 mm) are designed for applications such as construction machines, elevator technology and plant engineering, where previously only 12 mm shafts were available. The large shafts will reduce the extra couplings, bushings and labour required with the old 12 mm shafts.

The new Kübler encoders are easily mounted and locked on the drive shaft. Since Kübler's experience has produced devices that stand up exceptionally well against torque movement, using high-quality spring devices, stator couplings and torque supports with cylindrical pins or fixation brackets.

Assembly time and costs are reduced by up to 30%. The device enclosures are rated IP 65. The diameter of the encoder is 90 mm and there are also SSI versions with 10 mm less depth needing only 50 mm installation depth.


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