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Technews Industry Guide - IIoT 2018

Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation

This Week's Editor's Pick
Nick Denbow's European report: 3D printing shows the value in engineering technology
September 2015, News

Are engineering skills undervalued in the world today? Just as modern advanced economies in the world need to earn their income by commercialising technical knowledge and clever developments, the skilled ...

Ensuring the safety and security of industrial control systems
September 2015, IT in Manufacturing

Process safety and cyber security are distinctly different disciplines, but there is growing realisation that they are related. Specifically, today’s industrial organisations face the common imperative ...

MES and the new worker ­generation
August 2015, IT in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution Systems can help 'on-board' the new generation of workers.

Nick Denbow's European report: Drones for remote inspection
August 2015, News

The first serious use of a helicopter drone for inspection duties on a petrochemical plant in the UK was reported around five years ago, from Cyberhawk, based in Edinburgh, and initially focused on the ...

SAIMC: From the President's desk
August 2015, SAIMC, SAIMC

At the time of writing this letter, I had just returned from a trip to Japan and Hong Kong for both business and a bit of a holiday. The experience can only be described as mind­boggling. Within Japan, ...

A comet chaser stirs
August 2015, Horne Technologies

Drive systems from Faulhaber defy the harsh conditions of a 10-year journey through the vacuum and low temperatures of space.

Where to industrial wireless?
Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2015, Industrial Wireless

Industrial wireless communications for sensor data and plant information is now available, proven on-site, and built into internationally accepted standards.

Nick Denbow’s European report: Finding a new idea for an industrial flowmeter
July 2015, News

One of the most difficult aspects of running a medium sized business is choosing and creating a new product range to build into a significant business area. Always there are tweaks possible to existing ...

Big data analytics improve manufacturing performance
July 2015, IT in Manufacturing

The theme of the recent 2015 ARC European Forum in Amsterdam, 'The Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World', was intended to help develop some clarity over emerging related concepts such as ...

SAIMC: From the President’s desk
July 2015, SAIMC, SAIMC

More exciting developments within the SAIMC    We are firmly in the grasp of winter and my wardrobe has had a few timely additions over the past few weeks. Fortunately we still have plenty of sunshine ...

Case History 142: Report after optimisation exercise – Part 3.
June 2015, Michael Brown Control Engineering, System Integration & Control Systems Design

This is the third article taken from a report which was prepared for various departments in a process company after some optimisation work was performed for them. (The other two articles were published ...

Reliability Centred Maintenance
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015, Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control), Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Maintenance, Reliability, Operations, Asset Management, Asset Integrity, Asset Optimisation, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and a whole alphabet soup of TLAs and FLAs are enough to give any engineer a serious headache.

Nick Denbow’s European report: Laser spectroscopy – a new plant tool?
May 2015, News

For most of the last century, optical techniques were not treated as suitable for any serious instrumentation on process plants. There were some turbidity sensors used for floc blanket monitoring on water ...

Foreword: Reduce downtime – improve performance
Technews Industry Guide - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2015, Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control), News

The demand made of every plant manager and maintenance engineer in the current industrial climate is to reduce unscheduled plant downtime, extend the intervals between scheduled outages, and make the ...

Nick Denbow’s European report: Power and water for the developing world
May 2016, News

Some of the products created for the consumers in the developed world have had perhaps surprising benefits in the less well-developed countries too. One example has been the use of mobile phones throughout ...

Scada security – more holes than a leaky bucket?
March 2015, Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control), SCADA/HMI

Complacency could kill careers, co-workers and companies.

Trends in asset management and maintenance
November 2014, Technews Publishing (SA Instrumentation & Control), Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

In this article we take a look at exciting developments in asset management, maintenance and the drive toward greater operational efficiency and profitability in process and manufacturing plants and utilities.

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