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Total machinery protection, condition and performance monitoring

December 2000 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Very large and costly rotating machinery such as steam, gas and hydro turbine generating sets, warrant state-of-the-art protection, condition and monitoring systems to realise their efficiency and maximisation of operating life.

The Vibro-Meter VM600 System adequately fulfils this most important task, using the most advanced hardware and software technology. Together with Vibro-Meter front-end sensors, the entire protection and monitoring functions for absolute and relative vibration, tacho, differential and absolute expansion, eccentricity, pressure, temperature, air gap etc are catered for. The flexibility of the VM600 system allows for the expansion of an initial small primary protection function up to the requirements of the largest machines together with advanced performance monitoring via the usual industry network protocols. The VM600 is fully programmable via notebook, laptop or PC.

The standard 19" 6U rack using VME architecture houses the non-dedicated input/output cards: CPU, dual redundant power supplies, condition monitoring and relay modules. The MPC4 machinery protection card accepts up to four signal inputs and two speed inputs (tacho) is fully programmable and accepts and powers all front end sensors, thus abolishing the requirement to hold dedicated cards and thereby reducing spares holding.

The 16-channel CMC condition monitoring card accepts all vibration, dynamic and static inputs with up to four channels configurable as speed or phase reference. The philosophy of the VM600 design being 'one card does all'. Cards are 'hot swappable' without detriment to the online protection function.

The CPU central processing card provides for local display and alarm status together with modem, serial or network links, manages rack configuration and links to local or remote PC.

Software modules offered as:

* MPS 1 - Basic protection system configuration.

* MPS 2 - Adds data storage and trending.

* MPS 3 - Networked/remote configuration and data exchange.

* VM600 - Basic performance monitoring.

* VM600 - Advanced performance monitoring.

* VM600 - Plant usage optimisation (cost control).

The RPS power supply can be supplied as single or dual redundant and accepts all the usual AC and DC inputs. Status relays are provided.


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