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September 2009 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Banner Engineering, a world leader in photoelectric sensors and vision products, has used its expertise and knowledge of LED illumination to produce a range of indicator lights for industrial and commercial applications. At a time when the world is attempting to reduce electricity consumption, Banner has introduced the EZ-Light product range, which has a consumption of less than 2 W, compared to competitive incandescent light units that can consume up to 15 W or more.

General purpose EZ-Lights feature a single housing with the ability to display multiple colours; red, yellow and green – glowing steady or flashing – are standard colours. Custom colours are available that include blue and white. General purpose EZ-Lights are packaged in various form factors, including 30 and 50 mm domes, 18 mm barrel and 8, 18 or 30 mm T-style housings. The 30 mm dome features a 22 mm threaded mounting, a standard size for panel applications.

Tower light

The EZ-Light tower light is a direct replacement for stack lights. Available with up to five segments displaying five different colours, or up to four segments with an audible output (adjustable over 95 db), Banner’s tower light delivers realtime operational indication for workers and supervisors. Installed directly on the machine with either a pre-wired cable or a quick-connect option, the self contained tower light displays up to five colours and allows multiple lights to be on simultaneously. The design of the TL50 also eliminates false indication from ambient light as the indicators appear grey when off. The supply voltage required by the tower light is 18-30 VDC or 24 VAC. Inputs required to control the colours are bi-modal, working with PNP and NPN, dependent on the configuration used. Various mounting accessories are available including right-angled and swivel brackets for base mounting, and standoff pipes for elevated use.

Assortment of tower lights
Assortment of tower lights

Column light

The EZ-Light column light is the same shape as the tower light but is only able to display one colour at a time. Column Lights are available in one, two or three colour versions, with or without the adjustable audible output. Completely self contained, the devices are immune to EMI and RFI interference.

A red column light
A red column light


The EZ-Light daylight-visible K50 is a special featuring high power LEDs, specifically designed for use in outdoor, bright conditions. Colours available include red, yellow and green or a version with all three colours.

In addition to the EZ-Light range, Banner also offers ‘pick-to-light’ products that combine a sensor with an indicator light to assist operators on assembly lines. A ‘light’ indicates which part to pick for the assembly and the ‘sensor’ detects the operator acquiring the part. A signal is then sent to the control circuit which then turns on the next light in sequence.

Bin picking applications
Bin picking applications

For more information contact Rodney Topham, RET Automation, +27 (0)11 453 2468, rodney.topham@retautomation.com, www.retautomation.com


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