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April 2002 PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric’s brand-new FX1S and FX1N (which were launched at the Electrex Show by Circuit Breaker Industries) are worthy successors to the existing FX0S and FX0N PLCs. They are physically smaller and feature enhanced performance and expansion cards for added flexibility.

The Mitsubishi engineers have combined comprehensive network support with increased memory capacity, faster program cycle times and optimised counter inputs and output signals. As a result, the FX1S and FX1N are particularly well suited for demanding applications in mechanical engineering, the motor industry, woodworking, packaging, environmental systems and so on.

The FX1S - successor to the FX0S

As the successor to the FX0S, the Mitsubishi Electric's new micro-PLC is already part of a successful product family. The FX1S is a standalone unit available with 10-30 I/Os and 2K steps of program memory. Program memory cassettes now make it possible to change programs quickly and easily.

The FX1N - with support for FX0N/FX2N special function modules

Unlike its 'little brother', the FX1N can be expanded with FX0N/FX2N special function modules. It has 14-128 I/Os and 8K steps of program memory. Both PLCs use maintenance-free EEPROM memory technology. New compare and positioning instructions, program cycle periods of just 0,55 µs per logical instruction and six interrupt inputs for fast, event-triggered responses make the FX1S/FX1N an obvious choice for complex tasks.

The flexibility it takes to satisfy the complex demands made on today's compact PLC system has been achieved by fitting the FX1S/ FX1N with an internal RS422 programming port and support for expansion cards, enabling configuration of the controller with a wide range of interface and network options. Available plug-in expansion options include an optional, plug-in display unit with bit and word device displays (can also be used to edit the values of the displayed devices) and an internal realtime clock. Communication modules are available to configure the FX1N with support for open fieldbus networks like Profibus/DP, CAN, DeviceNet, ASI and CC-Link, and also MELSEC I/O-Link.

Support for the analog and digital expansion modules and special function modules of the FX0N and FX2N make the FX1S/FX1N even more versatile, enabling users to configure the controller precisely for the needs of their applications.


Mitsubishi Electric's new FX1S and FX1N PLCs offer extensive positioning capabilities, enabling them to handle both control and drive applications with ease. With powerful new positioning instructions, integrated high-speed counter inputs (up to 60 kHz), pulse-width modulated digital signal outputs (up to 100 kHz) and the ability to define both deceleration and acceleration ramps, these controllers can control up to two stepping or servomotors. This makes it possible to use them to perform simple positioning tasks involving up to two independent axes without any additional special function modules or positioning units.

Keeping costs down

Cost is naturally always a key factor when changing to a new system. Thanks to their compatibility the FX1S/FX1N are able to keep costs down. They are fully terminal and program-compatible to existing FX0S/FX0N applications. Any necessary program modifications can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to support for remote programming and debugging by modem. Network communication is now possible between all units, from the smallest FX1S to the biggest FX2N.

The FX1S and FX1N are Mitsubishi Electric's successful response to the market's growing demands on compact PLC systems as regards system performance, application support and network capabilities - combined with optimised value for money.

Mitsubishi Electric has now been one of the world's biggest high-tech companies for over 75 years, in industries as diverse as transport, construction, communications technology and even satellite systems. The success of the company's operations in 36 countries across the globe is also reflected in revenues, which totalled over US$35 billion in the 2000 business year.

Mitsubishi Electric's Industrial Automation division develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of automation components and systems, including programmable logic controllers, industrial robots and drive solutions. All these products are characterised by quality, reliability and user-friendliness.

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