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BMG filtration solutions offer reliable contamination control

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BMG’s Fluid Technology division is committed to improving operational efficiencies for customers in all industries by providing essential filtration, separation and purification technologies.

“With broad technical capabilities and an extensive range of quality-branded fluid power components, BMG is able to offer total process, filtration and lubrication management solutions, even in chemical and corrosive environments, as well as in arduous mining conditions, throughout Africa,” says Willie Lamprecht, BMG’s business unit manager, Fluid Technology Low Pressure. “BMG’s Fluid Technology team has a thorough understanding of the filtration process and offers solutions to ensure fluids – including oil, fuel and lubricant oil – are within the required cleanliness standards.

“Efficient filtration disciplines result in optimum performance, improved reliability and extended service life of machinery, equipment and vehicles. Without a structured control and contamination prevention programme, premature equipment failure is likely to occur, resulting in unnecessary downtime and costly replacement of parts.”

Increased efficiency

Optimum filtration performance, combined with lower differential pressure of the system, significantly reduces energy consumption, which is critical to maximising production efficiencies. BMG’s fluid technology services include solutions for fuel and industrial filtration systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, lubrication, hydraulic hose and fittings, as well as instrumentation, pumps and industrial valves.

The range encompasses FG EcoPart filter elements for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems from the Filtration Group. These components, with defined filter performance and purity class, comply with stringent DIN and ISO standards and have all other necessary standard industry approvals.

FG EcoPart series, which includes a wide range of pressure filter and return filter elements, is available from BMG in different versions, with various grades of fineness. These components are suitable for diverse hydraulic applications, as well as gear oil treatment. FG Filter elements are designed to reduce the solid particle contamination to the prescribed contamination class, to prevent the ingress of dirt from the environment and maintain the properties of hydraulics fluids for an extended time period.

Included in this range are FG desiccant breathers, which protect lubricants and machines from the damage caused by moisture and the ingress of particles.

The FG breather replaces conventional dust caps or breathers often found on new equipment. When contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through layered filter media, blocking particles from entering the breather, thus preventing wear to equipment surfaces.

The filtered air passes through a bed of silica gel, which effectively removes moisture. Silica keeps the equipment dry by attracting moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shut-down.

FG desiccant breathers have an enlarged housing, which ensures up to 20% more absorption of moisture than conventional breathers. The centre tube is constructed from a robust nylon material, providing rigidity to the element and allowing an even air flow through the silica gel. For additional system protection, secondary filter media prevent any possible migration of silica dust.

For optimum change-out intervals, a clear polycarbonate outer shell provides a visual indicator of the condition of silica gel. Multi-layer polyester filter media provide 3-micron particulate filtration, while polyurethane foam collects oil mist and distributes air evenly over filter media and the moisture-absorbing silica gel.

Breathers are suitable for use in hydraulic units, where there are high humidity and temperature fluctuations. The normal hazards of condensation – rapid ageing of hydraulic oil, degradation of additives and corrosion – are prevented.

Typical applications include wind energy, power plants, tunnel construction, aerospace and manufacturing processes, as well as petrochemical and chemical plants.

In addition, BMG supplies FG coalescer filters, which are used in the fuel line for the efficient operation of marine diesel engines, as well as air breather filters with housings made of non-corrosive material for high efficiency and extended service life. Low pressure filters for modern hydraulic systems are fitted with glass fibre PS filter elements, with high differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity. These modular low pressure filters ensure a minimal pressure drop through the optimal flow design.

BMG’s national branch network supports an extensive range of fluid technology products and bespoke systems, with field services and technical resources. BMG also offers a design and manufacturing service, to meet exact requirements in small installations and major projects.


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