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ABB launches Ability Condition Monitoring for measurement devices

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The ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for measurement devices is an innovative, digital solution that will keep continuous gas analysers under control to ensure clean air operations. The ground-breaking, first-to-market solution was launched in April at Hannover Messe 2020.

The new digital solution keeps track of the health of ABB measurement devices. Performing real-time data analysis, the ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for measurement devices identifies problems fast, drawing attention to significant or undesirable changes in device conditions.

Regular health check reports provide users with recommendations based on health status, allowing on-site personnel to leverage their own expertise and enabling remote assistance from ABB when required.

“By implementing the predictive maintenance approach of ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for measurement devices, equipment can be actively monitored and managed to prevent problems from arising,” said Christine Declerck, global service manager, Measurement & Analytics. “This enables customers to make informed decisions resulting in optimised operations. Customers are facing increased emissions regulations and ABB is committed to helping them address environmental impact through solutions like these, improving energy efficiency and increasing industrial productivity.”

Predictive maintenance reduces customers’ potential safety risks and helps them avoid fines. It also lowers operating and maintenance costs due to less emergency maintenance and fewer unplanned outages. When carried out through condition monitoring it ensures the highest level of availability and reliability of equipment, reducing repairs and preventing downtime.

“ABB South Africa has several continuous emissions monitoring systems installed in the country,” adds Paulo Dasilva, local business line, Industrial Automation Measurements & Analytics. “We are excited to be able to add these digital capabilities to enhance the benefits which our customers receive through ABB Ability.”

Furthermore, condition monitoring for measurement devices allows the customer to move to a planned upgrade cycle for assets, resulting in product lifecycle extension and an increase in return on investment. The digital solution also provides a streamlined process with one supplier responsible for all equipment management and maintenance. It can be used together with ABB Ability Remote Assistance for measurement devices and dynamic QR code assistance for analysers or as a stand-alone solution.

The new digital solution is part of the ABB Advanced Services offering for measurement and analytics which is dedicated to enabling improved utilisation and performance of automation equipment, processes and personnel. Other services include ABB Ability Verification for measurement devices, and My Measurement Assistant. ABB Ability Verification for measurement devices is an extensible application that connects with field devices over their applicable protocols to provide in-situ verification. My Measurement Assistant is a web application that offers commissioning and troubleshooting checklists as well as maintenance video tutorials.


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