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Slurry magnetic flowmeter platform

March 2020 Flow Measurement & Control

The new Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flowmeter Platform is Emerson’s answer to the demands of high noise applications. The platform is made up of the MS magnetic flowmeter sensor for slurry applications, the 8782 magnetic flowmeter transmitter for slurry applications, and the 8785 calibration standard.

Customers in the pulp and paper, metals and mining, and oil and gas industries have often sacrificed process control for stable flow signals by adding analog damping to their magnetic flowmeter measurements. This leads to increased costs of production in terms of additional waste, greater variability in product quality, and increased raw material usage.

The new Rosemount system helps address this by having advanced signal processing capabilities enabling better filtering of the noise to provide a stable flow signal. This allows for faster response time to real flow changes enabling automatic control of process loops thereby increasing quality consistency, reducing raw material usage, and reducing scrap and rework.

Rosemount MS and 8782 slurry flowmeter capabilities

• Superior signal processing over standard flowmeters.

• Grounding and wiring included standard.

• Meter confidence and process insights with smart meter verification (MV option) and process diagnostics (DS1 option).

• Available in AC and DC power options for global installations.

• Easy to use 15 button local operator interface with dedicated quick keys for basic configuration, totalisers and diagnostics.

• Sensor suitable for hazardous area installations.

• Transmitter backwards compatibility with existing 8707 installations.

• Full offering of liner materials, electrode materials, and flange pressure ratings.

• The MS Sensor has the same face to face dimensions as the 8707 making sensor replacement seamless and easy.

Rosemount 8785 Calibration Standard:

• Allows independent on-site validation of the transmitter.

• Used to perform a digital trim on the transmitter.

• NIST traceability for flow rate measurement validation.

Target applications

Pulp and paper: stock flows; white liquor, green liquor and black liquor lines.

Metals and mining: ore slurries, abrasive and non- abrasive flows (greater than 30% solids content).

Oil and gas: outlet of fracking blender service trucks (inlet application may also be a target for operators looking to standardise on a single product); coal gasification slurries; anywhere a typical electromagnetic flowmeter is providing a noisy flow signal as a result of process conditions.


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