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IR cameras with leading edge technology
December 2018, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

When diagnosing problems, capturing and displaying small temperature variances makes all the difference. To this end, Comtest offers Fluke’s Ti480 and Ti450 Pro series infrared cameras, recently fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers, and electricians to get to the root cause of a problem faster by identifying hot spots, cold spots and apparent surface temperature differentials. These IR cameras have increased thermal sensitivity to capture minute differences and the latest Fluke technology for on-screen clarity to make it easy to visualise issues in the field. With the enhanced measurement accuracy and the wider dynamic temperature range of the Ti450 PRO – up to 1500°C with NETD (signal-to-noise figure) as low as 25 mK – technicians can collect precise information for making informed decisions that boost the company’s return on investment.

The Fluke Pro series cameras introduce a leading-edge visual infrared experience thanks to the smart, intuitive user interface. The units feature increased thermal sensitivity that captures the smallest measurement differences, the latest technology for on-screen clarity, and lens compatibility to capture targets from small to large. Now, with the Ti450, worrying about focus is obsolete. MultiSharp focus captures images that are focused throughout the field of view, even if users start from a completely blurry target. The camera takes multiple images and combines them to give a clear, accurate focus on targets, near and far. The advanced focusing system automatically enables users to capture a focused image of multiple targets at once, delivering the image clarity needed by professional thermographers and maintenance managers to produce top-quality results and avoid costly rework.

Upgraded features that help users solve common issues

Increased sensitivity: the additional sensitivity to the camera’s internal sensor helps capture smaller surface temperature differences, making it easier to visualise results. With the enhanced measurement accuracy and the wider dynamic temperature range of the Ti450, users can collect precise information for making informed decisions that boost return on investment.

Sharper images for diagnosing issues: improvements to Fluke Ti480 and Ti450 firmware means sharper onscreen infrared images with clearer colour differentiation, giving a stronger visual indicator of temperature differentials. They display deviations from standard temperatures and relay issues to a remote team using multiple Delta-T (T) markers. Temperature-related issues can thus be identified and analysed with more certainty.

User interface: the improved, user-tested, touch screen interface on both cameras is more streamlined than ever. The display integrates a contemporary design featuring multiple rectangular markers in-camera. It helps users identify min/max temperatures for an area of the equipment, or equipment array. To further enhance the visual display, the cameras have a new palette and wider colour range of yellows and greens that help to distinguish heat differences.

More flexibility to visualise targets with smart lenses: the 320 x 240 resolution Ti450 and 640 x 480 Ti480 also feature improved, more intuitive touchscreen user interface to speed detection and diagnoses of issues. Whether the thermal inspection calls for macro, telephoto, or wide-angle, the appropriate lens can be attached to capture virtually any target. Fluke smart lenses are interchangeable between compatible cameras, without calibration, making it easy to exchange and assign lenses.

Share thermal images with SmartView and Fluke Connect

With the improvements to the firmware and thermal sensitivity, the Ti450 and Ti480 series infrared cameras better prepare users to create comprehensive and professional thermal inspection reports. SmartView gives thermal investigators a simple solution for viewing infrared images on a mobile device or desktop computer. As part of the Fluke Connect reliability platform, the wireless Ti450 and Ti480 Pro allow users to upload infrared images from anywhere and combine them with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share comprehensive reports from the job site via smartphone, tablet or email, in order to collaborate and analyse equipment status in real-time and increase productivity in the field.

When it comes to infrared camera technology, advancements are typically not as dramatic as redesigning the entire instrument. Sometimes, iterative changes to the visual display and software of professional grade infrared cameras can have a significant impact on ease of use, accuracy and reporting capabilities.

The Ti450 and Ti480 Pro Fluke infrared cameras continue to deliver insightful thermal inspections.


A company’s greatest investment is not always the equipment that is behind the panel door. A top priority is also to offer adequate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors who otherwise put themselves at risk while doing their jobs. Users can maximise their thermal imaging camera by installing Fluke infrared windows, which allow for thermal inspections without opening a panel thus ensuring faster inspection of equipment, more often and with vastly improved safety.

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