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February 2020 Motion Control & Drives

The Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive BMG’s range of Danfoss electronic, mechanical and intelligent mechatronic devices includes the VLT AutomationDrive FC 300 series, designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous and permanent magnet motors on most industrial machines or production lines – even in demanding applications and challenging environments.

FC 300 series, with intelligent drive functions, is based on a flexible and modular design to optimise energy savings, versatility, efficiency and maintenance. This robust drive system, with reduced harmonic impact and a spark-free design, is protected against the negative effects of vibration, moisture and dust and has the flexibility to operate pumps, conveyors, palletisers and material treatment equipment, ensuring optimum control and dependable operation for extended periods.

“The VLT AutomationDrive – which has received global awards for innovation and user-friendly features – reduces project costs, ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership while maintaining high efficiency processes,” says electronics manager, Mick Baugh. “As with all Danfoss drives, this system is motor independent to offer the flexibility to be able to select the correct motor for specific applications. Danfoss makes an ongoing investment in advanced technologies, to ensure all systems comply with current and future demands in the drives sector. With the implementation of the VLT AutomationDrive into a plant, the BMG team ensures a seamless transition into Industry 4.0.

“The VLT AutomationDrive FC 300 series boasts both hardware and software enhancements that maximise performance and a new Ethernet platform for improved communication. This range also encompasses new generation E-frames and lower temperature ratings.” This modular and adaptable drive system is suitable for installation in any environment – close to the motor, in electrical panels, switch rooms or outdoors and as stand-alone units in the production area. It has an advanced thermal design and back-channel cooling and is one of the most compact and cost-efficient air-cooled drives in the range of 90 kW to 800 kW at 500 V. The robust and intelligent system has been designed to simplify every step in the installation process, including wiring, programming and operation.

The VLT AutomationDrive, which is compatible with leading motor and fieldbus technologies, offers web-based configuration, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and access to drawing and engineering diagrams. The system also provides tools for harmonic and motor-drive system efficiency calculations. There is a flexible interface to the drive data from multiple access points, including directly at the drive, via mobile applications, through an integrated web server and via cloud connectivity.

The standard functionality of the VLT AutomationDrive can be expanded by replacing mechanical controls with energy-saving electronic motion control options. With the Integrated Motion Controller (IMC) functionality, the VLT AutomationDrive 302 replaces more complex positioning and synchronisation controllers to save time and costs. Application-dedicated functions for optimum performance include droop functionality for load sharing, an integrated brake control for the safe operation of hoists and an integrated process controller for demand-based pumping.

This drive system has an intelligent troubleshooting and remote access facility and also features preventative and predictive maintenance functions that ensure trouble-free operation for reduced maintenance costs and avoiding unplanned downtime.

The VLT AutomationDrive can withstand operation in all industrial environments and low voltage grids, including production facilities operating from 690 V mains networks. AC drives are available in various enclosure sizes and protection ratings, from IP20 to IP66. Integrated DC chokes and RFI filters in all units protect installations by minimising harmonic distortion and electromagnetic interference. Typical applications for this system include mining and minerals, food and beverage, packaging, water and wastewater, marine and offshore, chemicals, cranes and hoists, elevators and escalators, materials, oil and gas and textiles.

BMG has recently been appointed as a Danfoss DrivePro Service Partner – the only company in southern Africa to achieve this level of recognition and one of the first 30 companies appointed as part of this programme globally.

Through this agreement, BMG provides a support service for VLT and VACON drives that encompasses troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and replacements. As a Danfoss DrivePro Service Partner, BMG also offers specialised training and technical support to improve productivity, performance and uptime for the entire life cycle of Danfoss drives.

BMG’s recent expansion of the distribution and engineering facilities in Johannesburg, includes electronics workshops and a technical resources centre for the repair, maintenance and commissioning of the Danfoss product range.

For more information contact Mick Baugh, BMG, +27 11 620 1538,,


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