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Foxboro’s top performing intelligent vortex flowmeters

September 2018 Flow Measurement & Control

The Foxboro Model 84 series intelligent vortex flowmeters are among the best performers on the market and designed for flexibility and reliability in harsh process environments. Available in flanged (84F), wafer (84W), and sanitary (84S) configurations, there is a meter for nearly every application. The 84S meets 3A sanitary requirements per specification 28-03.

The accuracy of the Model 84 excels in liquid, gas, and steam applications for process temperatures up to 430°C. These instruments incorporate the patented DirectSense technology with Flexible Tuning for outstanding performance. DirectSense technology eliminates unreliable, mechanical sensor linkages used in some other vortex meters. The result is a simple, reliable design that is more sensitive to flow and less sensitive to noise. Combined with Flexible Tuning, the Model 84 has wide flow range capability. Other features and benefits include:

• Real-time Reynolds number correction.

• Correction for piping effects.

• Adaptive filtering for noise rejection at varying flow rates.

• Automatic low flow cut-in.

• Tuneable for specific operating conditions.

• K-factor corrected for temperature.

• HART communication protocol for measurement integration.

Accuracy in the field

The meters utilise Flexible Tuning to compensate for operating influences and maintain accuracy under conditions outside the calibration laboratory:

• Process piping: installation parameters such as pipe bore, location of valves, proximity to elbows, etc.

• Process temperature: correction for K-Factor shift due to change in the process temperature.

• Operation at low flow rates: an algorithm, utilising values for density and viscosity is embedded in the meter to correct for nonlinearity in K-factor at low flow rates.

• Low flow cut-in: eight user defined selections of LFCI. The instrument also includes an automatic low flow cut-in feature that can be configured to automatically select LFCI.

• Signal conditioning: a digital smoothing algorithm can be enabled to condition the raw vortex signal. This results in improved performance, particularly at low flow.

• Low and high frequency filters: these filters are set automatically based on the flowmeter configuration.

• Adaptive filtering: the meter provides an adaptive mode which automatically adjusts the high and low frequency filters.

For more information contact Johan van Jaarsveldt, EOH, +27 87 803 9783, johan.vanjaarsveldt@eoh-pas.co.za, www.eoh-pas.co.za


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