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Sartorius’ digital weighbridge load cell

May 2014 Mass Measurement

The digital Pendeo Truck load cell is a great solution for weighbridges that takes the performance of Sartorius products to the next level and makes the calibration, setup and operation of weighing systems easier and more reliable.

The digital transfer signal is even less susceptible to faults and ensures precise, reliable operation at all times. Thanks to its identical height, the Pendeo Truck is 100% compatible with the company’s other analogue models. Replacement is thus possible without any technical changes to the installation kit or weighbridge.

Easy to install

In combination with the Combics Pro Terminal, the new digital Pendeo Truck load cell makes full use of its strengths. The automatic function identifies all connected load cells and the parameters for the calibration are already saved in the device. This eliminates the need of entering load cell data. Equally easy is the allocation of load cells to their position under the weighbridge. This saves a lot of time in troubleshooting. In this generation of load cells, Sartorius continues to use its PR 6221 model, which has proven itself over many years in thousands of road vehicle weighbridges.

Reliable operation

Thanks to the expanded diagnostic functions, the Combics Pro and Pendeo Truck ‘team’ offers enhanced reliability for error free operation. All data can be displayed at any time simply by pressing a key. The overall system gives the measurement chain maximum resistance against lightning strikes. All components that are installed directly on the weighing platform comply with the requirements of the highest protection classes IP68/69k. Other features include:

* Fully compatible with PR 6221.

* Special strain-gauge technology for improved lightning protection.

* Maintenance free.

* Compact design.

* Suitable for use in ATEX zone 2/22.

* Robust design.

* Hermetically sealed.

* Stainless steel housing.

* High overload range (up to 150%).

* Quick stabilisation.

* Short weighing times.

* High EMC compatibility (10 V/m).

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