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Precise control in joining applications

October 2019 PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Digiforce is the trusted name when comprehensive monitoring of press-fit, joining, riveting and caulking processes is needed. The models 9306 and 9310 are being successfully used in innumerable applications as both an individual process control system or as multichannel monitoring equipment.

Now ASSTech offers the new generation of German-manufactured Burster Digiforce process monitor, model 9307 – a high-end universal controller based on powerful hardware and software architecture. Intuitive operation using the clear, graphics-based menu tools, guide users quickly to their objectives. Precise control of joining, riveting and caulking processes or curve-monitoring functions is still one of the core functions, while new options in the field of torque measurement and haptic testing, universal signal testing, leak detection and many other options expand the range of applications enormously.

At a glance, the user gets not just a global result, but also detailed OK/NOK evaluations of the process status. With new graphical evaluation elements such as thresholds, trapeziums, windows, envelopes and additional user-configurable mathematical operations, it is possible to achieve precise monitoring of process curves. A range of informative diagnostic pages enables sophisticated process analysis.

Programmable I/Os, independent measurement start/stop mechanisms and a powerful fieldbus interface via Profibus or Ethernet-based protocols, enables rapid and reliable implementation.

The Digiforce 9307 achieves an accuracy class of 0,05 for strain gauges and analog process signals. The controller can also record and evaluate two synchronous processes with its intelligent sampling, which can use a combination of variables. Even production processes with a high component variance are handled easily. Up to 128 measurement programs can be selected and conveniently managed. An internal memory provides storage space for a range of measurement curves for reference purposes. In addition to supporting analog sensor interfaces for strain gauges, potentiometers, piezoelectric signals, DC process signals and others, the unit also supports high-resolution incremental systems and absolute encoders with SSI or EnDAt 2.2 output signals.


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