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October 2019 Level Measurement & Control

In 2016, VEGA introduced the Vegapuls 64, its first radar level sensor for liquids that measures at a frequency of 80 GHz, which allows considerably better focusing of the radar beam. With Vegapuls 64, measuring is made easier and more reliable, even under difficult conditions such as tanks fitted with heating coils, baffles or agitators.

Until then, a radar sensor with a transmission frequency of 26 GHz and an 80 mm diameter antenna had a beam angle of approximately 10°. With the same size of antenna, the 80 GHz device has a beam angle of only 3°. This allows the sensor to be used in vessels with internal installations or heavy build up on the walls, because the focused microwave beam simply avoids these obstacles.

Radar sensors with a larger dynamic range have a higher measurement certainty, and these sensors can be used for a wider range of applications. With Vegapuls 64, media with poor reflective properties – a low dielectric constant – can be measured with more certainty than with previous radar sensors. Foam, turbulent product surfaces, condensation, or build up on the antenna are no problem. The sensor measures more reliably due to its greater measurement certainty. It has an accuracy of 2 mm and a measuring range of up to 30 m.

The device is ideal for wide use across industries ranging from demanding applications in the chemical industry to hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The relevant approvals for this sector, such as 3A and EHEDG, are available. The 80 GHz device can be used universally for the majority of industrial level applications. Since the sensor can be equipped with a small antenna, there is hardly a mounting location where it will not fit. Other benefits include:

• Ideal for use in vessels with small process connections, such as those used in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

• Media can be measured with much higher accuracy than before – right up to the process fitting and down to the very bottom of the container.

• The new sensor can easily be installed using existing process connections, eliminating the need for costly equipment modification.

• Since radar signals pass through viewing windows and glass, the sensor can also be mounted outside such containers.

• The larger dynamic range provides a higher measurement certainty, especially when there is build-up, condensate, foam, or a turbulent liquid surface in the vessel.

• Radar technology is immune to process conditions like changing temperature, pressure and density. With Vegapuls 64, levels can be measured in applications where the process or structural conditions were previously not suitable for radar.


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