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Long range wireless communication for air instrumentation

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Artic Driers in association with Suto iTEC of Germany have launched a long range wireless communication system for the comprehensive range of compressed air instrumentation marketed by Artic.

Wireless communication enhances the IIoT and simplifies the connection of sensors in industrial applications – sometimes it is the only viable solution to connect from one building to another. Wireless reduces cable connections resulting in installation cost and time savings. Suto offers solutions for a range of wireless sensor connectivity to local displays, as well as gateways to ISM servers.

The gateways communicate to the server through the integrated Ethernet or 4G modem. The Suto data acquisition and analysis software (S4M) collects the sensor data from the MQTT server, stores it in a database and offers various data analyses and reporting, thus providing a comprehensive IIoT solution.

For commissioning and network setup an ISM dongle can be used. This is connected to the USB port of a mobile phone and comes with an Android app for network testing. Sensor node features include:

• Can achieve up to 1000 m distance.

• Connectable to any Modbus/RTU sensor.

• 24 VDC power.

• Connects to either a ISM gateway or ISM transceiver: transmits sensor data in programmable intervals (1 minute to 1 hour).

• Economical and easy to use.

The ISM gateway can reach up to 1000 m distance and is connectable to any Modbus/RTU master, while having the capability to communicate with up to 16 ISM nodes.

The application software is either cloud or local based and provides powerful graphic analysis for multi-users for compressed air consumption and energy reporting.

The variety of sensors that can be connected includes dew point, flow, pressure, power, particle counters, and oil carry over monitoring devices. The new version of the S400 series thermal mass flow meters are set up via an android app for an easy to use solution.

Suto iTEC has a unique and broad-based range of compressed air measurement sensors and instruments, which are marketed internationally from offices in Hong Kong, China and Germany. All are specifically targeted at the compressed air industry for fixed and mobile auditing and monitoring applications.

Artic Driers is a level 2 BEE family operated specialist compressed air treatment company with a 29 year history in the local market.

For more information contact Allen Cockfield, Artic Driers International, +27 11 420 0274,,


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