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Mimic’s SH300 text display for PLCs

June 2019 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Mimic Components’ SH-300 with text display is a long standing and reliable electronic device for programmable PLCs and other intelligent controllers equipped with a communication interface. It also functions as a small HMI.

Communication is downloaded into the SH-300 Text panel together with project files, therefore making it unnecessary to edit the communication program in a PLC separately. An additional benefit to the user is the option to select one of multiple languages. The text will display in the selected language, on the backlit LCD screen, and language editing is done via the menu. The SH-300 comes with LangEditor software, which is compatible with Windows.

Real-time data monitoring and information processing is reflected via the PLC, informing the user of equipment status. The device includes control functions set in the front keypad such as texting and bar graphs with directional and numeric keys that allow the user to set, modify and change the status or functionality of the device.

The unit can be connected with many PLCs and has a password protection, real-time alarm functionality, displays the current status line by line and allows for 24 symbols across four rows, making the display clear and informative. The IP65 front panel is waterproof and greaseproof, while working environmental temperature is -10 to 60°C, and the cooling method is convection, making the SH-300 a functional and practical device for use in many industrial applications.


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