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Quality in aftermarket fuel filters

March 2019 Motion Control & Drives

When it comes to replacing the fuel filter element on a light commercial vehicle, such as the Ford Transit, Parker Racor ensures the job is simple, fast and foolproof, thanks to a patented compound bayonet fitting system. The benefit here, however, is that by using Racor aftermarket elements, which are identical to their OE counterparts, fleet managers can achieve the same levels of performance and efficiency.

The element simply clicks into place and locks. This concept prevents anyone from removing it from the bowl and inadvertently driving off without the protection of a filter element. In essence, the Parker Racor element means ‘no filter; no flow’ because it is impossible to close the product without the patented part inside. The system is both tamper-proof and cannot unlock involuntarily.

Replacement filter elements from Parker are supplied as a kit that includes a replacement body seal, the main seal that sits between the filter bowl and head. It is important that this seal is changed at the same time as the element, particularly as it will have been sat in fuel for its lifetime and will likely be suffering from a degree of flattening due to the pressurised interface between the bowl and the head. As an external seal, it is designed to prevent any fuel from contaminating the environment.

The Racor body seal offers high durability and excellent levels of vibration resistance. Moreover, the seal provides high chemical compatibility and, of particular importance, can operate safely across a wide temperature range. These design attributes are important, as if the materials cannot survive in different grades of fuel at different temperatures then serious consequences are likely to result.

The use of a patented filter element on the Transit assures Ford and fleet maintainers that a quality product is being fitted, reducing worries about warranty claims and performance issues/engine damage due to selecting an inferior part. Put simply, Racor replacement filter elements for the Ford Transit are specifically designed to remove the amount of dirt required to protect the injector, i.e. 99% of particles down to 4 µm. Buying a counterfeit product puts this performance level in jeopardy. Parker Racor has worked hard on the specification with Ford to achieve the necessary technical needs, as well as the dirt-loading and long-term testing requirements.

For more information contact Lisa de Beer, Parker Hannifin SA, +27 11 961 0700,,


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