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March 2019 Flow Measurement & Control

The visual inspection of the passage of liquids, gas and other matter in plant processes is a critical element and can be achieved quickly and efficiently with Val.co’s visual flow indicators, which can be installed irrespective of whether the plant is automated or not.

Jan Grobler, managing director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa commented, “There are four system-focused visual flow indicators: rotor, sphere, turbine and piston. All four offer the engineer a quick solution to flow assessment in plant processes. The visual flow indicators offer well illuminated and easy inspection functions. Val.co is part of the GHM Group based in Europe, and all of its flow indicator offerings are of the high quality that one has come to expect from European manufactured instrumentation.”

System descriptions

Rotor flow indicator

The rotor is an element that displays the flow with several rotating paddles positioned orthogonally to the direction of flow. It is supported by a rotation axis with ball bearings to reduce the friction and increase the stability of rotation. Grobler said, “The liquid or gas to be monitored enters into a viewer pipe and can be controlled both in terms of quality and flow, with the speed of rotation being directly proportional to the speed of the fluid under control.”

Sphere flow indicator

The liquid or gas to be monitored enters into the transparent dome. The position of the sphere inside the transparent dome controls the speed and flow rate of fluid.

Turbine flow indicator

The element that displays the flow velocity is a turbine with spiral paddles orientated in the flow direction. The turbine is supported by a rotation axis with ball bearings to reduce the friction and increase the stability of rotation. The liquid or gas enters into a viewer pipe inside the turbine housing.

Piston flow indicator

A piston that slides along the shaft is housed inside a transparent glass viewer pipe, which the liquid or gas to be monitored enters. The position reached by the piston inside the pipe is proportional to the speed of the fluid under control.

“All four of the visual flow indicators offer rotation speeds which are directly proportional to the speed of the fluid under control,” explained Grobler. “They are cost efficient simple-structured devices and are extremely easy to install, giving engineers a clear and precise visual confirmation of the status of the fluid under inspection. They can perform on closed or open line systems.”

The visual flow indicators are available from DN8 through to DN50 with maximum temperatures of 200°C and flow rates up to 190 l/min.

For more information contact Jan Grobler, GHM Messtechnik South Africa, +27 11 902 0158, info@ghm-sa.co.za, www.ghm-sa.co.za


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