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March 2019 Level Measurement & Control

UWT’s Nivotec series is designed to make data movement and communication between monitoring and control systems easy and flexible. The Nivotec 2000 and 3500 series are specifically adaptable to customer needs and are modular and expandable. The Nivotec 4000 series is standardised and cost effective.

The ranges provide all the necessary data to plant operators in the control room, as well directly to the supplier. Continuous real-time visual information about fill levels facilitates easier material planning and early recognition and elimination of shortages that could result in lost production time.

The systems can evaluate analog 4-20 mA and Modbus RTU from continuous measurement technology, as well as digital signals from full/empty type detectors. Visual information is available on a touch panel digital display in a control cabinet, or via a web server module.

Features and benefits

• Visual indication of level in weight, height, percentage and volume.

• Truck module to prevent overfilling of silos.

• Silo full, empty and over fill limit alarms.

• Simultaneous access to multiple computers via browser software.

• Password-protected for various use levels.

• Five selectable email recipients for fill level information.


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