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Contact in to contact out over fibre optic cable

February 2019 IS & Ex

The Omniterm FCT and FCR modules provide the ability to send a digital contact signal up to 4 km over a single optical fibre. When the contact on the FCT transmitter module is closed, the relay output on the FCR receiver is energised. LEDs are provided to indicate the state of the input and output contacts, and the presence of instrument power. Applications include safety interlock systems, critical failsafe alarms and alarm annunciator front ends. The system is ideal for areas of high electrical interference and operates off a 9-30 V DC supply.

Fail Safe is a key feature of this design and care has been taken to ensure the highest level of reliability. The FCT and FCR modules are suitable for SIL2 applications, forming part of Omniflex’s extensive Omniterm range of industrial instrumentation. Units are designed to be DIN rail or surface mounted at an economical 22.5 mm wide. Other benefits include:

• Can be used with Omni16C alarm annunciators in IEC61508 SIL applications.

• Potential-free contact inputs.

• Form C contact output.

• 10-30 V DC supply.

• A longer distance (9 km) is available as an option using 1300 nm multi-mode cable.

Advantages of using fibre optic over conventional copper or coaxial cables include high data rate and wide bandwidth, immunity to EMI/RFI and lightning damage and the elimination of ground loops.

For more information contact Ian Loudon, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists, +27 31 207 7466,,


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