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New app scans TeSys GV4 circuit breakers

February 2019 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Schneider Electric has released a TeSys GV4 multifunction mobile app that connects to its new TeSys GV4 motor circuit breaker to provide basic and advanced protection settings configuration, using a near field communication (NFC) interface.

The technology of the GV4 circuit breakers offers advanced protection with ratings of up to 115 A with service breaking capacity (Ics) of 25 kA/400 V (B series), 50 kA/400 V (N series) or 100 kA/400 V (S series). “The electronic core of GV4 gives a greater detection accuracy, with alarm and advanced protection,” explains Christo Kotze of Schneider Electric South Africa. “The multifunction motor protection GV4, with advanced adjustable functions, may be equipped with one or two SDx alarm/fault differentiation modules to prevent trips, or to identify the type of fault after a trip.”

Power connections and basic functions

The breakers are fitted standard with 2-hole EverLink power connectors and creep compensation, for bare copper cables. “This patented Schneider Electric technology makes it possible to achieve accurate and durable tightening torque in order to reduce the risk of cables working loose due to creeping. Resistance to vibration is improved and periodic re-tightening is no longer needed,” adds Kotze.

Basic functions include:

• Short circuit protection to against an instantaneous trip of the circuit breaker: tripping is achieved through a magnetic element incorporated in the motor circuit breaker or by electronic detection (GV4 and GV7).

• Overload protection: this is obtained by means of a thermal element incorporated in the motor circuit breaker, or by sensors for electronic products (GV4 and GV7). An automatic compensation for ambient temperature variations is also provided.

• Motor On/Off control: provides a local manual control of the motor when used on its own (without a contactor). Operation is possible by toggle or a single rotary handle.

• Contacts position indication: the circuit breakers accurately indicate the position of the moving contacts.

Advanced modules

Additional functionality can be achieved through advanced modules:

• Under voltage protection: trips the circuit breaker in the case of under voltage, which protects users against sudden starting of the machine when normal voltage is restored.

• Remote off power: the breaker can be remotely tripped with the addition of a shunt trip.

• Off locking: both open-mounted and enclosed motor circuit breakers can be locked in the off position by up to 3 padlocks.

In addition to basic protection, GV4 also embeds protections against:

• Long start (high inertia, resistive torque machines).

• Jam (over torque, machine failure).

• Ground fault (reduced isolation).

• Unbalance (phase currents not equal) and phase loss (1 or 2 phases missing).

IIoT features

Fully configurable advanced protection includes Ecoreach software on a computer connected to the test socket through a configuration and maintenance module, and the wireless application on Android smartphones through NFC.

Available only as an Android app, through Google Play Store, the app can:

• View and configure protection settings.

• View alarms and basic device information.

• Check fault history to speed up maintenance.

• Scan existing protection settings, device information and alarms.

• Modify settings and apply them to the device.

• Clear alarms on the device.

• Save settings as templates for copy to multiple devices.

• View history of all scanned devices.

“When engineers come to differentiate between motor circuit breakers versus fuse protection, they need to consider that circuit breakers are a common solution for protecting motors against short circuits and overloads,” concludes Kotze. “As a comparison, a fuse-based solution can only provide a partial protection, depending on the choice of the fuse type and rating. The thermal magnetic circuit breaker is adjustable and can be fine-tuned to the actual motor load.”

For more information contact Prisca Mashanda, Schneider Electric SA, +27 11 254 6400,,


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