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February 2019 Level Measurement & Control

Val.co offers a range of affordable and effective level sensors that have applications across all sectors of industry, but that benefit, in particular, the tank building sector. The range includes small float switches, Linear-LC, limit level switch for side installation, simple or double contact limit level switches, and multipoint devices.

“Val.co has a proven track record of more than 30 years of experience in the process instrumentation field,” commented GHM Messtechnik South Africa managing director, Jan Grobler. “The company is dedicated to designing process instrumentation that satisfies customer requirements and the quick turnaround from design to customer prototype is one of its strengths.”

Five ranges

Affordable small float switches for lid or bottom installation for industrial use are available in brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, PVC and PVDF. Combinations are available for use under aggressive conditions and have parallel or conical thread connections.

A comfortable continuous measurement based on proven float technology is offered by the Linear C range. An integrated Reed chain with resistance circuit enables continuous level monitoring. Switching of tube lengths up to 2000 mm enables affordable electronic measurement in large tanks. The Omni-LC digital indicator offers the possibility of displaying measurements locally and in plain text with background lighting.

The variety of Limit level switches for side installation include:

• Type SML – stainless steel designed for contact with media with pressure resistance up to 30 bar.

• Type NW1 – brass and stainless steel versions with NBR-butadiene with a stainless steel or PVDF float.

• Type MW3 – microswitch variant with max 5 A switching current, electrical connection via DIN plug 43650-A or round pug connector M12x1.

• Type NW3 – Reed switch variant in brass or stainless steel with NBR-butadiene, stainless steel of PVDF float.

• Type RW..HK – for internal or external installation in stainless steel.

• Type MW1 – One of two micro switches, convenient for use as an advance warning contact or for monitoring of two close levels.

Multipoint level switches for complex level monitoring with tube length switching up to 6000 mm with a plastic version up to 5000 mm. The Multipoint is used for distance monitoring of tanks that use up to six float stations. It offers additional application safety with temperature elements that can be optionally integrated in a switching tube monitor the media temperature continuously.

Effective limit level switches are supplied in a simple or double contact sensor in proven Reed switch design. Again, these switches are available in stainless steel, brass as well as aluminium or PVC. In continuous operation they offer temperature resistance up to 1050°C. Optional switching functions as a NC or change-over contact making external voltage supply unnecessary.

“The Val.co range complies with all international standards,” concluded Grobler. “The robust devices perform in the most demanding conditions and are approved for ATEX Exd – Exi a, EAC, and for naval use.”

The range is available from GHM Messtechnik South Africa.

For more information contact Jan Grobler, GHM Messtechnik South Africa, +27 11 902 0158, info@ghm-sa.co.za, www.ghm-sa.co.za


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