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Contents measurement in silos
January 2019, Level Measurement & Control

Each industry provides its own challenges with regard to accurate process control. In the mining and metal processing industry, accurate level measurement is a challenge due to the increased volume of noise, dust, heat and, in some cases, zone specification safety requirements.

UWT Level Control has developed its instruments around the problems faced in the field. Decades of research and fine tuning have resulted in the Nivobob series of plumb bob sensors, which are used for continuous level measurement in storage bunkers and silos, as well as for interface measurement. When it comes to the mining industry, successful level measurement can be obtained in many applications through the UWT Nivobob continuous level measurement device. It uses a simple electromechanical principle, and is a reliable all-rounder in bulk silo monitoring and stockpiling under harsh conditions.

The sensor weight, which is tailored to each specific application, attached to either a tape or rope, is electromechanically lowered from the top into the vessel or pit. Once the sensor weight rests on the material, the winding direction of the motor changes and the sensor weight is rewound to the upper stop position in the device. For interface measurements, the sensor weight can be adjusted according to the density of the sediment.

The distance is electronically measured and, together with the preprogrammed silo geometry information, the microprocessor converts this distance into a volumetric output signal of 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU or Profibus DP. As the system is immune to dust, EMI, humidity and caking, the Nivobob always delivers a reliable level measurement. It is simple to operate and durable, which keeps maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

Contents measurement in raw coal silos

A coal mine required a reliable level measurement technology for a 17,75 x 1,5 m coal silo. The requirements included optimal performance in the dusty environment and easy installation under harsh conditions.

For this application, the Nivobob NB3200 was implemented as an ingeniously simple solution. In the dusty environment, the electromechanical system operated reliably and installed with ease. Due to the integrated cleaner mechanism on the inlet guide, dust and other contaminants were

not able to penetrate the mechanical area inside of the instrument. The Nivobob NB3200 was recommended in thisinstance for its robust and long-term operational capabilities in heavy mining applications.

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