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Anemometers for accurate wind measurements
December 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Delta Ohm, part of the GHM Messtechnik Group of Companies, recently launched a range of anemometers that offer wind speed measurement of superior accuracy and that are particularly suited for installation in photo voltaic (PV) and wind turbine farms, as well as in other environmental and renewable energy applications.

“Accurate wind measurement coupled with ease of installation and low maintenance are some of the key features of the new anemometers,” commented Jan Grobler, managing director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa. “In a country such as South Africa, with a focus on renewable energies for the future, the monitoring of environmental factors and influences on the performance of these installations is a critical part of their success and long-term benefit.”

Two-axis ultrasonic anemometers

Delta Ohm’s HD52.3D two-axis ultrasonic anemometers, used for the measurement of wind speed and direction, relative humidity, temperature, diffuse solar radiation and barometric pressure, also come equipped with a compass.

The absence of moving parts reduces maintenance and the HD52.3D has a high sensitivity for detecting very low speeds, which are not detectable using traditional methods. Suitable for remote sites due to the low power consumption, the instrument can be powered from solar panels or batteries. It has a heating option to prevent the accumulation of snow or ice to ensure accurate measurements in all environmental conditions. Modbus-RTU allows instrument networking.

Three-axis ultrasonic anemometer

The Delta OHM HD 2003 and HD 2003.1 three-axis ultrasonic anemometers measure the speed and direction of wind, the U-V Cartesian components of speed, sound speed and sonic temperature, with the HD2001 also detecting temperature and relative humidity of the air and barometric pressure.

Grobler said, “The three-axis ultrasonic anemometers have additional instrumentation features such as self-diagnosis with error checking and reporting and algorithmic raw data processing and validation, assuring an approximate 1% precision to anemometric quantities, making it a finely tuned and highly accurate anemometer.”

Other features include:

• Five analog voltage or current outputs with different measuring ranges.

• Four serial communication interfaces: RS-232, RS-422, Multidrop RS-485 and AoXnd.

• Configurable output rate of digital data string.

Both three-axis ultrasonic anemometer ranges also have low power consumption and low maintenance requirements.

“These new ultrasonic anemometers ensure that energy and solar power generating farms as well weather stations and environmental monitoring activities receive the most accurate measurement possible,” concluded Grobler. “In such applications, accurate measurement is key to the success of South Africa’s renewable and environmental strategies.”

For more information contact Jan Grobler, GHM Messtechnik South Africa, +27 11 902 0158,,

Supplied By: GHM Messtechnik SA
Tel: +27 11 902 0158
Fax: +27 11 902 0156
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