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RFU650 standalone RFID sensor
August 2018, Industrial Wireless

SICK Automation has launched the RFU650, a long-range read/write RFID device that delivers compact, standalone RFID identification and traceability without requiring complex programming or separate external antennas.

The RFU650 is a rugged, affordable device with a typical sensing range of up to five metres. It can accurately distinguish between transponder tags on assembly parts, goods or packages, even when they are moving in opposite directions. For the first time, direction of entry and movement, as well as the position and angle of product assemblies, goods and packages can be reliably detected in a goods handling or logistics environment with standards-compliant communication in real-time.

As Mark Madeley, national product manager identification, vision, distance and ranging for SICK Automation Southern Africa, explains, “Over long distances, the performance of conventional RFID systems is limited by the transmit power, aperture angle, tag properties, and application environment. Until now, directions of movement could only be derived by using additional, external antennas and specialist algorithms.”

In applications such as warehousing, distribution and logistics, the SICK RFU650 solves the problem of accurate tracking of individual packages, bins or pallets without the need for complex and costly RFID sensing portals with multiple antennas and shielding to read, record and write data. This new system delivers essential data, even at intersections and multi-unit assembly points, or where several products are being carried on vehicles.

“Position sensing, passage, angles of up to 45 degrees and direction detection are all standard features delivered through the advanced internal algorithms,” continues Madeley. “This avoids the need for additional software and hardware to obtain accurate information on product progress through the plant or warehouse. The software even allows static tagged objects to be filtered out.”

The built-in technology of the RFU650 also makes it easy for integrators or OEMs to link it to factory and warehouse networks. With SICK’s proprietary 4Dpro connectivity, the device communicates with all common industrial fieldbuses and is compatible with other SICK read/write devices, making it highly flexible as part of an upgraded or enhanced installation for improved tracking and control. Additional software functions can be programmed in the software environment and integrated into the device via the SICK APPSpace platform.

The durable IP67 enclosure rating enables the RFU650 to be used in rugged environments and external locations. It conforms to ISO/IEC 18000-63, meeting requirements for data integrity and quality.

Different options for parameter cloning between systems, for example, the integrated microSD memory card feature, reduces maintenance time and the integrated LED can be used for diagnostics or process feedback.

For more information contact Mark Madeley, SICK Automation Southern Africa, +27 10 060 0573,,

Supplied By: SICK Automation Southern Africa
Tel: +27 10 060 0550
Fax: +27 11 472 3078
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