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Omniflex IoT enabled control and data acquisition

Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0 Industrial Wireless

Omniflex specialises in remote monitoring solutions, based on years of plant networking experience from last mile networking to mainstream Ethernet backbones. The Teleterm range specifically addresses the remote outstation issue by providing a programmable platform based on IEC61131 languages for control and networking options from low grade cable to radio and GSM infrastructure. Wireless distributed PLCs with inherent data acquisition capability are an attractive proposition against cable-based systems.

HMI systems can link easily with SQL databases, Use MQTT and OPC UA to integrate into larger MES system with links to big data. Visualisation can also be wireless, through the use of Wi-Fi a tablet for a portable operator interface or management tool can be used for linking into the system without having to use fixed desktop computers. Remote site visualisation is achieved the same way using a tablet and remote Teleterm devices via the Internet and local integrated routers. Other features include:

• Flexible configurable I/O analog and digital.

• Ethernet and wireless ports.

• Programmable serial port.

• Local logging on SD cards.

• Small DIN rail mounting.

• 9-30 VDC powered.

• Modbus and Modbus TCP as standard.

Wireless capabilities

• Licence-free band RTUs.

• Licence-free band wireless PLC units.

• Wi-Fi and HMI solutions.


• GSM IoT PLC units.

• Repeater solutions.

• Internet-based monitoring.

• SMS, email and data transmission.

For more information contact Ian Loudon, Omniflex Remote Monitoring Specialists, +27 (0)31 207 7466,,


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