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Festo’s energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2018 Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Saving energy is easier than ever before thanks to the MSE6-E2M. It helps end users to achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability targets and improves the efficiency of machinery for OEMs. The intelligent service module rigorously monitors and regulates the compressed air supply in new and existing systems – fully automatically.

Standby: compressed air off

If the E2M detects a standby status on the basis of predefined data, the compressed air supply is shut down automatically – similar to energy-saving start-stop systems in cars. The compressed air consumption drops to zero during these pauses, even if the system has leaks. The compressed air supply can be easily restarted at the machine’s control panel.

Leakage measurement

When the compressed air supply is shut down, the E2M checks the system for leaks. Rapidly dropping pressure indicates excessive leakage and a notification is then sent to the system operator. For the first time, the air preparation system is monitoring, diagnosing and notifying maintenance teams based on actual requirements.

Condition and system monitoring

The E2M enables simple energy monitoring by continuously providing process data. Connected to the machine’s control system via Profibus, the E2M cyclically exchanges important data such as flow rate, pressure and consumption, which can be seen and operated via the control panel. Other features include:

• Zero compressed air consumption in standby mode.

• Monitors the system for leaks.

• Ensures maintenance in the event of leaks.

• Enables effective monitoring of relevant process data.

For more information contact Kershia Beharie, Festo, 086 003 3786,,


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