Fibre optic connector inspection system

April 2018 SCADA/HMI

Comtest’s latest offering from AFL is the aeRos connected FOCIS WiFi2, the next generation fibre optic connector inspection system that uses an Android or iOS wireless connection for live image video streaming, auto-focus and more. The FOCIS WiFi2 probe is ergonomic and lightweight, fitting perfectly and balancing naturally in the hand. The probe hardware has a single multipurpose button, a single multi-colour functional status LED, and a battery charging port for all day mobility. The status LED enhances workflow productivity by allowing rapid operator assessment of the cleanliness of the fibre endface – either passing or failing standard rules – as well as ‘fibre not found’ error notification.

“According to industry studies, contaminated fibre endfaces typically account for 85% of optical network failures,” explained Maury Wood, product line manager for AFL’s Test & Inspection division. “With the advent of broadband and enterprise data centre links at 100 Gbps and higher, the universal adherence to best practice fibre cleaning and inspection methods is an operational imperative. AFL is the leader in the Internet of Test, and the FOCIS WiFi2 is clear evidence of this leadership.”

The FOCIS WiFi2 uses AFL’s large portfolio of inspection adaptor tips for both connectors and bulkhead sleeves, including all 2,5 mm (SC, FC, ST) and 1,25 mm (LC) ferrules, as well as multi-fibre connectors and bulkhead sleeves (MPO/MTP/MPO16). AFL offers an adaptor tip for high density LC PC/UPC optical distribution frames as well. The free FOCIS WiFi2 app (both Android and iOS) supports live image video streaming, auto-focus, IEC/IPC standard and user-customised pass/fail auto-analysis, pinch-to-zoom on endface images, report generation, multi-language GUI support and day/time stamped job saving.

FOCIS WiFi2 is the latest addition to AFL’s extensive inspection and cleaning product portfolio, which includes the OFS300 optical and VS300 video microscopes, the DFS1 digital microscope, the FOCIS WiFi PRO wireless fibrescope and the FOCIS Flex handheld Bluetooth inspection probe with integrated screen. The One-Click and CLETOP cleaners, the FCC2 cleaning fluid and the FibreWipes complete the product portfolio of fibre endface cleaning products.

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