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September 2017 Motion Control & Drives

With the implementation of HVAC systems, demands for proper control and safety are becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity.

The LSLV-H100 offers features unique to HVAC and pump systems. Unlike a multipurpose drive, this VFD specifically focuses on applications for the water reticulation and ventilation industries, with many new functional features.

Utilising multiple motor control (MMC), the H100 as master can start up to five auxiliary motors with PID control to balance the pressure in a system. There are also two analog and one pulse train inputs, and two analog outputs with an open collector pulse output as standard. Added to this are seven programmable digital inputs and five programmable outputs including a NO/NC output.

With the realtime clock (RTC), calendar date and time, set points can be implemented without using external devices such as PLCs and timers. The RTC and settings are not installed in the keypad, but in the control board, thus allowing the drive to run with or without the keypad. The keypad, which is designed for HVAC use, is however able to store the drive’s parameters, thus enabling easy transfers from one drive to another. There is also a USB programming port for PC setup using the DriveView7 integration software freely available from LSIS.

Further options include features such as pipe fill, pipe break, pump clean, motor pre-heating, among many others.

Emergency mode

The Fire Mode option is designed for fire emergencies where fan control and exhausting are necessary, and the motor needs to keep running no matter the condition of field devices communicating with the drive. Should an event occur that results in the failure of the inverter’s operation, the H100 will perform a reset and restart to continue the operation until either the motor or drive fails completely.

Communication protocols are not limited to the standard RS-485 but also include BACnet MS/TP, Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2 and the option of LonWorks that can be added. For peace of mind, the LSLV-H100 complies fully with international standards such as UL, CE and EAC quality and electromagnetic compatibility standard.

Operating temperatures are rated up to 50°C at 90% humidity, making the LSLV-H100 range a robust, cost-effective power saver that complements any well-designed system.

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