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Brainchild PR series paperless recorders
September 2016, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Brainchild has introduced its new PR series improved paperless process recorder and data-logging solution.

With its first foray into the video-graphic recorder and data-logging market several years ago, Brainchild introduced the VR series. Their first generation VR series was a resounding success as it was able to offer competitive quality and feature sets at an extremely competitive price for the time. As a result, the VR series proved exceptionally popular all over the world, but the time has now come to replace it with the next generation PR series.

This new range of recorders is supplied standard with an array of outstanding features, the most obvious of which is the new 65 K colour TFT touch-screen. This screen offers a crisp display with excellent response times, touch accuracy and dynamic colour reproduction. The new ARM-Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1 GHz ensures that these units never lack for processing power and with an extensive list of I/O options there is almost no task that the PR series cannot tackle. Analog and digital I/O can be grouped in a variety of combinations to scale the units for any application. The advantages of the extra processing power shine through with an updated scan time of 100 ms on up to 48 channels simultaneously, which makes using a paperless recorder for flow applications a reality.

A live web server is included as standard in all models, which allows users to view the status and active trends on the unit in real time, simply by navigating to the units IP address in any browser on any device. This has obvious advantages for keeping track of a process or production line without the expense of a scada system. With a DNS and a simple port forward this feature can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Along with the hardware improvements, Brainchild has also updated the software interface for the PR series. Still based on the tried and tested Windows CE 6 platform, but equipped with a host of new features. From extended input types to advanced mathematical functions and leaps in security and batch processing, Brainchild’s development team has spared no expense to provide the most comprehensive feature set possible.

Customisation is the name of the game

With the increasing need for customisation of displays and control over the way data is displayed for specific applications, Brainchild has implemented a revolutionary solution. With an optional firmware upgrade, users are able to use the PanelStudio (Brainchild’s powerfull HMI development environment) to customise the recorder’s display. This means that the way data is presented is now entirely under the user’s control.

The PR series is a more than capable replacement for the VR series and the new features set the bar for paperless recorders in South Africa.

For more information contact Temp-Tek, +27 (0)11 465 8066,,

Supplied By: Temp-Tek
Tel: +27 11 465 8066
Fax: +27 11 465 8079
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