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LSIS load cell amplifier input module
July 2016, Mass Measurement

When it comes to load cell amplifiers, the common denominator is quality versus costs. LS Industrial Systems has just launched a cost effective load cell amplifier as an expansion unit to the already well established XEC range of PLCs hailing from South Korea.

The LS XBF-LD02S is a 2-channel amplifier with 8 pins for channel 1 and 10 pins for channel 2, which are isolated with internal excitation. When it comes to resolution it boasts 1/40 000 bits with an input range of 0-6 mV and an estimated variance of 0,01%. The cycle time is set at 5 ms per channel with a power consumption of 280 mA on a 24 VDC system.

With 350 Ω load cells, users can add four load cells per channel thus providing the potential of eight load cells per unit. This means that with XEC-DP32U PLC users could add 40 load cells to one application. Along with this, four and six-wire load cell capability is provided. With the six-wire load cell, users can compensate for external changes such as line resistance by providing feedback compensation.

Weight values can be scaled when integrating the load cell card with XG5000 integration software by LSIS. Decimal point positions can be specified up to three digits to the right. The rated weight can be set within a six-digit range from 1 to 999999.

The LS XBF-LD02S supports moving average, moving/count average and moving/time average through the application of the weight conversion processing built into the unit. Thus the card caters for conveyer, batching and other static and non-static applications.

The amplifier is cost effective and comes with the same quality industry has come to expect from this Korean manufacturer of industrial automation equipment.

For more information contact Ana-Digi Systems, 086 132 3334,,

Supplied By: Ana-Digi Systems
Tel: +27 21 914 9030
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