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Safety light curtains ­optimised for vibration

March 2016 IS & Ex

The Leuze MLC 500-V series safety light curtains have been optimised specifically for applications subject to strong vibrations, such as for safe-guarding presses, punching machines and similar large equipment.

These reliable safety light curtains have unusually slim dimensions of only 29 by 35 mm, but clever engineering has ensured slightly set back front screens, reinforced side walls and metal end caps, all of which result in a sturdy construction. In addition, the new vibration-resistant Leuze MLC 500-V models were designed to provide extra protection for the high quality electronics.

The safety light curtains are mounted on specially developed BT-2SB10-S swivel mount brackets that are largely able to compensate for excess vibration. This is an important feature with long light curtains, typically longer than 900 mm. Shorter light curtains can be simply and conveniently mounted on machinery such as presses using adjustable vibration-damped BT-2R1-S swivel brackets.

Form fitting mounting is possible due to removable swivel mount cylinders and this means that there is no dead space into which unpermitted access would be possible. With the extended functionality of these V-models, the user has access to functions that can be adjusted without a PC. These include three scan modes and fixed and floating blanking. This simplifies and speeds up the in-feed of the work pieces and contributes to more efficient production, since there is no interruption to the manufacturing process.

For more information contact Gerry Bryant, Countapulse Controls, +27 (0)11 615 7556,,


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