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Dual pressure and temperature transmitter for low power systems

March 2016 Editor's Choice Pressure Measurement & Control

A multi-variable transmitter from American Sensor Technologies provides both pressure and temperature outputs from a single process point. In addition to simplifying control systems, the Model AST46PT explosion proof pressure/temperature transmitter offers a superior pressure reading along with a temperature sensor output for less than the cost of a stand-alone temperature sensor. Ideal for low-power systems, these dual output transmitters generate both pressure and temperature readings with the power consumption of one sensor.

The dual output configuration of the AST46PT transmitters also reduces process penetration points and leaks, which are important considerations in critical systems such as hydrogen, oxygen, heavy oil processing, hydraulics, analysers, offshore, pipelines and ammonia systems. In essence, the AST46PT offers a hazardous area solution for monitoring pressure and temperature with one device.

Incorporating a microprocessor controlled design, along with AST’s proven one-piece body construction, the Model AST46PT offers high accuracy pressure and temperature measurements. Units are available in various temperature ranges from -40 to 125°C, and pressure ranges up to up to 1400 bar.

As the global market focuses on lean manufacturing, multi-variable sensors that combine pressure and temperature in one package reduce the number of components in an installation, trim inventory stock and eliminate waste.

For more information contact Veni Reddy, Allpronix, +27 (0)11 795 9500, sales@allpronix.com, www.allpronix.com


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