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Scalable PRP/HSR infrastructure for substations

October 2015 Industrial Computer Hardware

Moxa has announced the development of its first PRP/HSR integrated communication and computing solution designed to enable scalable and manageable PRP/HSR infrastructure. The solution is ideal for electrical substation automation and process automation systems that need zero recovery time to ensure the highest system availability and data integrity.

Enabling scalable and manageable PRP/HSR infrastructure for substations

Moxa’s PRP/HSR integrated communication and computing solution makes use of two new Moxa products. (1) a PRP/HSR redundancy box (RedBox) with coupling and QuadBox, and (2) a native PRP/HSR rackmount computer that is used as a management server. Both products are compliant with the IEC 62439-3:2012 standard for mission-critical applications in substation automation system communication. Moxa’s solutions for PRP/HSR substations not only support bumpless recovery, but can also help collect, analyse, and integrate all raw data from various devices onto a single management platform to enable efficient and visual PRP/HSR network management, making network diagnosis, troubleshooting, and device condition monitoring easier than ever before. Other benefits include:

• All-in-one PRP/HSR device that supports Gigabit, coupling, and QuadBox for versatile and scalable zero switch-over time networks that are easy to manage and deploy.

• Native PRP/HSR substation computer to avoid single link/node failure, guaranteeing a reliable PRP/HSR network.

• Monitor control devices and redundant networks on a single scada platform.

• Enable a scalable and manageable PRP/HSR infrastructure.

• Enable efficient and visual PRP/HSR network management.


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