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SKF’s latest turbo-machinery monitoring solution

August 2015 Motion Control & Drives

SKF has launched its latest magnetic bearing E300V2 control cabinet for use with a wide range of turbo-machinery.

The new E300V2 is a digital electronic control cabinet that replaces an earlier version, of which 650 units have been installed at different sites around the world. It is a modular system for improved reliability and maintenance, and incorporates a number of important new features. These include remote monitoring and diagnostics, redundancy of key components, backup UPS and a high-resolution data acquisition system. The latter monitors operating conditions, such as rotation speed, vibration and temperature in real time, allowing engineers to visualise rotation orbits, with 3D waterfalls and graphs showing spectral analyses, time snapshots and other critical parameters. It has embedded tools, qualified on sub-sea projects, for remote access that allows performing analysis and adjustment of operating parameters.

Askar Gubaidullin, business development manager for SKF Magnetic Mechatronics explains, “SKF has worked closely for many years with the world’s leading manufacturers and operators of onshore, offshore and sub-sea turbo-machinery. The new E300V2 is the culmination of this knowledge and experience, offering the opportunity to minimise costs while improving reliability. Its optimised control system reduces commissioning time of the rotation equipment. Moreover, the new system provides plant operators with high degree of autonomy.”

These advantages are extended still further through the use of SKF S2M magnetic bearings. These can increase the operating range of turbo-machines, allowing rotation at higher-speeds with much greater operating flexibility. When used in integrated motor-compressors, they eliminate the need for lubrication thereby reducing the footprint and maintenance, and also eliminate gear boxes, seals and auxiliary cooling systems, to cut capital and operating costs.

For more information contact Samantha Joubert, SKF South Africa, +27 (0)11 821 3602,,


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