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Titanium level probe for use in salt or chlorinated water

May 2015 Level Measurement & Control

Specifically designed for level measurement in maritime salt water or water that contains chlorine such as swimming pools, Jumo’s new Maera S29 SW titanium level probe is corrosion resistant and can also be used in potentially explosive areas.

The probe is available for relative and absolute pressures from 100 mbar to 10 bar. The chemically resistant titanium design and the intrinsically safe ATEX approval allow the probe to be used in difficult environmental conditions. An example is continuous level measurement in ballast water tanks to ensure a ship’s ideal depth, or for anti-heeling systems in ships. Another specific application is in splash chlorine water containers. In addition, the probe is ideal for measurement in tough and highly viscous media such as heavy oil.

The level probe has a piezo-resistive measuring system with front-flush membrane, providing outstanding moisture and vibration protection. A two-wire reverse polarity protection mechanism protects the measuring instrument against damage and ensures maximum safety in the event of a faulty start-up. The temperature of the medium under measurement can lie between 0 and 50°C, although lower temperatures are possible depending on the medium.

The extensive range of available accessories allows the creation of an integrated measuring station solution with an excellent price-performance ratio.


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