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Yokogawa’s ProSafe-RS

January 2015 PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Achieving seamless integration between distributed control systems (DCS) and safety instrumented systems (SIS) for plant automation has traditionally resulted in complex design and integration challenges. Conventionally, two separate monitoring and operating environments were required for a DCS and SIS, with different sets of communications and distinctively different hardware architectures. It is a given that project lifetimes and expenses are higher for an integrated standalone DCS and SIS, compared to that of an integrated Yokogawa solution.

Yokogawa has bridged this DCS-SIS incompatibility with the ProSafe-RS, a truly integrated safety PLC for the process industries. Since its launch in 2005, ProSafe-RS has globally contributed to almost 1.2 million

I/Os, securing the position of the fastest growing safety system in the world. ProSafe-RS is ideally suitable for emergency shutdown systems (ESD), burner management systems (BMS) and fire and gas systems (FGS), due to its flexible and highly reliable architecture.

Yokogawa’s ProSafe-RS (SIS) and Centum VP (DCS) both utilise the same unique, highly reliable dual redundant architecture. The architecture consists of the Yokogawa’s secured dual redundant, 1 Gbps Vnet/IP control network, which communicates both as a main safety and control network. This provides reliable and fast communication to various control and monitoring (HMI) components with special safety integrity checks performed with unique safety layers embedded as per SIL 3 guidelines. In the event of a Vnet/IP interruption, the local safety controller can still work independently.

Due to its high scalability and seamless integration with the Centum VP DCS, very large plant configurations can also be achieved easily and effectively. Furthermore, various applications such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas (FGS) and Boiler Management (BMS) can be performed within the same architecture, thus providing minimal inventory, optimised footprint and reduced total cost of ownership for end-users.

SIL3 is achieved, even with a single CPU due to the ProSafe-RS’s dual architecture design within each module. Additionally, the I/O modules can also be installed in a dual redundant configuration. This flexibility makes it possible for the user to configure redundancy on a module by module basis, achieving the required availability for identified critical plant areas.

ProSafe-RS can execute safety logic at 50 ms, and allows multiple inputs and outputs to be scanned rapidly. ProSafe-RS has an excellent remote I/O function, enabling the linking in either a chain or star topology of local or remote I/O nodes with distances up to 50 kilometres. This makes it possible for controllers in a central control room to communicate with I/O modules in distant locations, thereby reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership) through minimising the system hardware footprint and maintenance costs. Robustness against harsh environments is achieved with an ISA G3 corrosive protective coating option.

ProSafe-RS applications include:

• ESD and fire alarm systems for offshore platforms.

• Wellhead SIL RTU, ESD, fire and gas systems integrated with Centum VP DCS and Stardom RTU.

• Outdoor wellheads and RTUs.

• ESD, FGS, control and high integrated pressure protection system.

• Non-Yokogawa SIS replacement projects.

For more information contact Christie Cronje, Yokogawa South Africa, +27 (0)11 831 6300,,


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