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Carbon dioxide control in soft drink production

January 2015 Flow Measurement & Control

Soft drinks are a popular beverage with a long history of brand value and loyalty. Basic ingredients include water, flavouring, sugars and colourants. Over time, consumer tastes have varied, so while most core ingredients remain, other ingredients like sugar and caffeine content have changed. Also, the awareness of nutritional alternatives has increased.

Early on, soda moved from the fountain café to large scale production. To support this evolution, packaging and distribution methods evolved. Base syrups, for example, are made to exacting proportions with sometimes secret recipes that help differentiate and familiarise the brand with the consumer. To ensure quality, consistency, and of course the trade secrets, the base syrups are often manufactured at central corporate locations or base beverage plants. The syrup is shipped to regional facilities where it is blended with water and sugar, or artificial sweetener, and carbon dioxide, then bottled and packaged for local distribution.

The syrup is blended to the correct proportion of filtered water and liquid sugar, then carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to the intermediate beverage stream. On the carbonation skid system, the Endress+Hauser Promag 50 Electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the precise volume flow of the liquid beverage. An Endress+Hauser T-mass measures the mass flow of CO2 and downstream of the Promag flowmeter, an Endress+Hauser Cerebar S pressure transmitter combined with temperature measurement is installed to ensure optimum conditions for proper CO2 diffusing.

Controlling overall pressure and temperature, while metering volume flow of the beverage base, and the mass flow of CO2, the Endress+Hauser instruments help to ensure that a repeatable amount is combined with each product volume in real-time and on demand.

The carbonisation skid system replaces a traditional tank with scale system and CO2 analyser that is used for smaller volumes. The Endress+Hauser instrumentation package generates a high level of measurement performance, optimal clean ability and overall production flexibility for the bottler.

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