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More upgrades for Raytek Mi3 compact infrared pyrometers

January 2015 Temperature Measurement

Raytek, a Fluke-owned company, is accepted as one of the largest manufacturers of infrared temperature monitoring and imaging products in the world.

In late 2012, the company introduced the successor to the old and dated MI series compact pyrometers. The introduction of the Mi3 series units uses patented digital technology for communications between the head and the control transmitter. This advancement from analog to digital technology gives the Mi3 range the unique ability to simply ‘plug-and-play’ different head types as the heads identify themselves to the unit on connection. No more matching of calibration codes when using a replacement head.

Also a high or low temperature head can be connected to ‘any’ control transmitter box, a feature not available to analog units.

The Raytek Mi3 pyrometer series represents a new generation of performance and innovation in noncontact temperature monitoring. The Mi3 miniature infrared sensors combine innovative new features with pricing that will save you time and money. Their broad feature set allows use in almost any industrial application.

The new features that have been added recently to the Mi3 range are the ability, with different heads, to measure temperatures up to 1800°C and also with the din rail unit to have four 4-20 mA outputs from a single unit with four different heads feeding it.

Unit programming via the keypad or via USB digital interface makes set-up easy. If you have Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet or Modbus networks collecting plant info, the units can connect directly onto your chosen communications protocol thus saving analog outputs and inputs on your system and the cable requirements in between.

Having these types of features and the unique digital communications between the head and the control unit make the Raytek Mi3 the most advanced compact infrared pyrometer available today.

A field-mounted control unit is mounted in an IP65 stainless steel housing with an integrated digital temperature read out.

The low temperature head, with 28 mm length and 14 mm diameter, is one of the smallest fully functional, stand-alone infrared temperature sensor for fixed installation on the market today.

For installations where more than one measurement point is required, the Mi3 series provides the lowest installation cost per measurement point. OEM users will benefit from the standalone version of the Mi3 which allows the direct wiring of up to 32 sensors to a PLC.

Precision high resolution silicon optics provides a range of optical resolutions at a very attractive price. A wide range of sensing head temperature ranges and spectral responses, USB 2.0 interface and a programmable electronics platform create a powerful sensor that solves even the most challenging OEM applications.


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